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Time Travel Obby is an obstacle course game created by blockage. The goal is to travel through the history of Earth, both the past and speculative future, and complete the obstacles in as little time as possible; points are awarded based on how fast the course is completed.

Time Periods in Chronological Order

  • Hadean Earth - 4,100,000,000 BC
    • Takes place in the Hadean eon, during the very early stage of Earth and before the existence of life, rocks and lava abound
  • Cretaceous Jungle - 66,500,00 BC
    • Takes place in a jungle in the late Cretaceous period, during the final years of the dinosaurs
  • Ancient Egypt - 2450 BC
  • Medieval Valley - 985 AD
    • Takes place in a small village and castle somewhere in Europe during the early Middle Ages
  • Japanese Dojo - 1580 AD
  • Great War Trenches - 1916 AD
    • Takes place on the battlefield somewhere in Europe during World War I, with trenches flooded with toxic waste, air raids, and bullet barrages, entirely black and white
  • Halloween Town - 1993 AD
    • Takes place in an American town during Halloween of the early 1990s, somewhat near a trench of lava and graveyard of living zombies
  • Classic Roblox - 2008 AD
    • Takes place within a Roblox game made in the late 2000s
  • A Software Bug - 2016 AD
    • Takes place within a computer system running in the late 2010s (the game's creation year)
  • Pale City Ruins - 2230 AD
    • Takes place in the post-apocalyptic 23th century within the gray ruins of a once-human city
  • Alien Plant - 3100 AD
    • Takes place on an exoplanet found by humans in the 4th millennium, with yellow landscape, black toxic smoke fumes, and golden lasers
  • USS Disaster - 11,834 AD
    • Takes place aboard a futuristic spaceship during an unspecified disaster in the far future of 12th millennium
  • Void Playground - ????????
    • Takes place in a void in an unspecified time period (most likely the farther future) where random objects and platforms are arranged

Bonus Levels

These levels do not correspond to a time period and are meant to be fun extras.

  • Prison Escape (80+ points)
  • Overwatch: Snowy Hills (225+ points)
  • Alien Planet Breach (450+ points)
  • Undertale: Cathedral (750+ points)

Game passes

The game has four game passes players can purchase for advantages in the game.

Image Name Price (Robux) Description
Time reset.png Rapid Reset 25 Reduces the run reset cooldown from 45 seconds to 1.
Time point .png Point Booster 35 Multiplies points after finishing a run by 2 (can stack with Underdog for 6x points)
Time Specific.png Specific Teleport 40 Allows you to teleport to any specific level of your choosing using the teleport pads in the lobby!
Time tips.png Tips 50 Doesn't do much, just donates us money and unlocks a special Robux particle trail. If you donate, thanks! That is, thanks even if you don't donate but like our game :P


The game has 14 badges players can earn. These badges can be obtained by joining the game, completing certain runs, and earning points.

Image Name Rarity Description
TTO Glass.png TTO: Glass Runner 39.6% (Moderate) Beat the preview run in under 2 minutes to unlock the Glass Runner mod (with no level skip).
TTO Ghost.png TTO: Ghost 29.4% (Challenging) Beat the preview run in under 3 minutes with no deaths to unlock the Ghost modification (with no level skip).
TTO Underdog.png TTO: Underdog 10.2% (Hard) Obtain 350 points in total to unlock the Underdog modification.
TTO Alright.png TTO: You did alright 55% (Easy) Beat the Random 3 mode within 3 minutes (with no level skip).
TTO RunCompleted.png TTO: Run completed 81.8% (Freebie) Finish a run.
TTO Entry.png TTO: Entry 100% (Freebie) Enter the portal for the first time.
TTO Ascent.png TTO: The Ascendant 0.0% (Impossible) Encounter The Ascendant.
TTO Divine.png TTO: Divine Approval 0.0% (Impossible) Meet with a spiritual guide to receive his approval over your recent acquisition. Located in the 2008 stage.
TTO Chronological.png TTO: Chronological 26.8% (Challenging) Finish a complete "Chronological" run.
TTO Error.png TTO: Error 19.2% (Hard) Sometimes, somehow, something goes wrong with the spawns. Before completely fixed, have at least a badge for the inconvenience.
TTO Pocket.png TTO: Pocket Dimension 23.0% (Challenging) Access any of the separate pocket dimension stages.
TTO 100.png TTO: 100 Points 30.0% (Moderate) Accumulate over 100 points from the obby runs.
TTO 500.png TTO: 500 Points 5.1% (Extreme) Accumulate over 500 points from the obby runs.
TTO 999.png TTO: 999 Points 3.8% (Insane) Accumulate over 999 points from the obby runs.