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Karasuneth Karasuneth 2 April

Notability policy updates (April 2022)

Hi editors! It's been a while since our last actual announcement. This one will be a little short.

As Roblox grows, it is necessary for us to update our notability policy criteria. This is so that the notability policy works as intended- to encourage better quality articles by limiting the amount of pages made. Criteria elements like place visits have to be increased to keep up with how fast place visits can increase for games, for example.

The place visits minimum criteria for a notable experience is now 2,000,000 place visits.

This also applies to the user and group notability criteria that uses a notable experience as criteria.

The group members minimum criteria for a notable group is now 50,000 members.

A new criteria has been added for user …

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Karasuneth Karasuneth 10 August 2021

Welcome to Discussions!

Hi everyone, we haven't made one of these in a while. We are glad to announce that we have finally brought the Discussions boards to the Roblox Wiki.

For those that don't frequent most other Fandom wikis, Discussions are simply a place to talk about the wiki's topic - in this case, Roblox. You can start threads with topics to talk about, share images and creations, or make polls.

Discussions on the Roblox Wiki will be specifically for casual chat about Roblox. We will be keeping Forum:Index around for topics related to editing the wiki or the wiki's management, and won't be allowing those topics on Discussions. User talk pages will be used for talking one-on-one to other users.

Discussions will follow many of the same rules as the wiki behavior…

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Acebatonfan Acebatonfan 14 May 2021

Wiki announcements and changes for May

Hello everyone! It’s time for another round of announcements!

First thing first, the Roblox Wikia will be changing our name to the Roblox Wiki. This is to better reflect Fandom’s branding guidelines. We held off for a while, and now that Roblox has removed all their references to the Developer’s Hub formerly being the Roblox Wiki, we feel this is the best time to make this change.

As a part of Fandom’s rebranding and reorganizing, we have updated our policies and rules. The original Policies and Guidelines page (the one that was a big wall of text) has been deleted. Project:Policies and guidelines now lists all our current rules in a tabbed view. Hopefully this clears up any confusion with the policies.

We’re all aware of Roblox renaming game…

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Thundermaker300 Thundermaker300 10 October 2020

New notices!

For those who are unaware, notices can be found on multiple pages across the wiki. These include notices giving a warning to readers, or notices to editors that a page needs to be rewritten. These can also include notices informing the presence of an interwiki project dedicated to a game, or a notice that a page's contents are outdated. Which is why I'm happy to announce that...

We have updated our notices to a more modern style!

Our modern styled notifications are provided from a module on the developer wiki which can be found here. Full documentation is available there.

The new notifications feature a more modern style, with one side using the specified color while the rest is a white that matches our wiki's theme. Additionally, i…

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Acebatonfan Acebatonfan 7 October 2020

We have migrated to UCP

Hi, everyone! It's Acebatonfan again! Yesterday afternoon, the Roblox Wikia migrated to the Unified Community Platform. There were some major changes, and this blog post is going to address some of those and ((hopefully)) help you navigate some of our new and upgraded features.

The following are known issues that might impact the Roblox Wikia on your end. We are working on fixing these issues.

  • The username template does not work at the moment
  • The notifications template does not work at the moment, so our notifications will not be displayed properly or displayed at all
    • Update 10/8: Due to its code not being compatible with UCP, we have decided to delete the template until it is supported.

With the migration to UCP, Special:WikiActivity has been…

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Thundermaker300 Thundermaker300 23 September 2020

Sudden changes to UGC item policies

Hey all,

Last night, Roblox made a heavy & sudden change to privatize sales data on all catalog items (including their own items and UGC items). Our current UGC policies were entirely reliant upon the sales data, and as such these policies are being changed to use data other than sales.

For the time being, all creation of UGC pages is on hold while we sort out UGC policies internally. On a normal basis, we would have these policies decided ahead of time. However, the removal of the sales data was a sudden change that was made without announcement, and as such we need more time to figure out new policies for these items.

Items created by the ROBLOX account will still be allowed as items created by staff are automatically notable. All UGC pages cr…

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Acebatonfan Acebatonfan 21 August 2020

Wiki news: changing to talk pages

Hi, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the last of their summer or the start of a new school year! Woohoo! (**cries from the nightmares school still gives me years after graduating**)

You may have been receiving some notifications about blog posts from Fandom over the past few weeks. Fandom is in the process of migrating its community with Gamepedia. With the migration comes updates to modernize the Fandom platform and MediaWiki code we all use to participate in the Roblox Wikia. The update - the Unified Community Platform (UCP) - requires us to make some changes on the Roblox Wikia so that the transition to the new platform is smoother for everyone.

One big experimental feature on Fandom was article comments and message walls. Fandom has…

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Karasuneth Karasuneth 3 July 2020

Wiki redesign, notability updates, and more

Hello everyone! We haven't had an announcement for a while, or made too many changes around here for that matter. But now with extra downtime from school being over for the middle of the year along with other reasons, we've finally sorted out various pending changes to the wiki and are ready to announce them, along with other updates.

The wiki has been pending a new look for a while. We've had the same design for a bit too long. Yesterday we released a new design with colour adjustments, a new wordmark and icon design, a different background, and a new font.

This look is hoping to make the wiki up to date with the more modern look and feel of Roblox while still having the same atmosphere as it did previously. Do let us know what you think.


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Acebatonfan Acebatonfan 23 April 2020

New wiki policies and some reminders of old ones

Hi, everyone! I hope many of you are enjoying the fun of learning online (and having extra time to spend on your favorite Roblox Wikia). As the wiki gains more popularity, us administrators and moderators often need to adjust some of our policies. We also have many new editors who would benefit from a quick tl;dr on some of our big policies. For a lot of this, I will be quoting directly from our Rules page and out Policies and guidelines page and explaining exactly what it means when you are editing the Wikia.

The Roblox Wikia, its administrators, and its moderators are not affiliated with the Roblox corporation and are not Roblox administrators. Please contact Roblox's support team on their support page for any concerns regarding your Roblox acco…

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Karasuneth Karasuneth 5 December 2019

Major change to wiki forum

Hello everyone. We've had to make a rather large and sudden change to how the forums on this wiki work, and before anything bad happens, we'd like to explain what happened and why.

In short, we have changed to wiki-style forums, and the old forums are now gone. This was something somewhat out of our control - Special:Forum is being deprecated globally, and we chose the better replacement option for this wiki.

What we presume to be the most commonly asked questions:

Why do the old forums have to be removed?
This was a decision from Fandom Staff, and is affecting every Fandom wiki. It is partially out of our control. You can read details on the change on this blog post on Community Central made by Fandom staff, including why they can't keep the …

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