• Karasuneth

    Hello everyone! We haven't had an announcement for a while, or made too many changes around here for that matter. But now with extra downtime from school being over for the middle of the year along with other reasons, we've finally sorted out various pending changes to the wiki and are ready to announce them, along with other updates.

    The wiki has been pending a new look for a while. We've had the same design for a bit too long. Yesterday we released a new design with colour adjustments, a new wordmark and icon design, a different background, and a new font.

    This look is hoping to make the wiki up to date with the more modern look and feel of Roblox while still having the same atmosphere as it did previously. Do let us know what you think.


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  • Acebatonfan

    Hi, everyone! I hope many of you are enjoying the fun of learning online (and having extra time to spend on your favorite Roblox Wikia). As the wiki gains more popularity, us administrators and moderators often need to adjust some of our policies. We also have many new editors who would benefit from a quick tl;dr on some of our big policies. For a lot of this, I will be quoting directly from our Rules page and out Policies and guidelines page and explaining exactly what it means when you are editing the Wikia.

    The Roblox Wikia, its administrators, and its moderators are not affiliated with the Roblox corporation and are not Roblox administrators. Please contact Roblox's support team on their support page for any concerns regarding your Roblox acco…

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  • Karasuneth

    Hello everyone. We've had to make a rather large and sudden change to how the forums on this wiki work, and before anything bad happens, we'd like to explain what happened and why.

    In short, we have changed to wiki-style forums, and the old forums are now gone. This was something somewhat out of our control - Special:Forum is being deprecated globally, and we chose the better replacement option for this wiki.

    What we presume to be the most commonly asked questions:

    Why do the old forums have to be removed?
    This was a decision from Fandom Staff, and is affecting every Fandom wiki. It is partially out of our control. You can read details on the change on this blog post on Community Central made by Fandom staff, including why they can't keep the …

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  • Karasuneth

    Hi everyone! A week ago, we asked about some new additions and changes to our notability policy. With a few tweaks and one redundant criteria removed, we are announcing that these are now live. Along with a few minor things we changed, here's a quick rundown of what was modified.

    Here are the notability criteria points that were added based from last week's proposals. These all apply to the "Player" section of the notability criteria table.

    • Is a major credited contributor/co-developer of a notable game
    • Is a minor credited contributor/co-developer of 2-3 notable games
    • Is an artist (including 3D modelers & clothing designers) that is featured (with crediting) in or that contributed to 2-3 notable games
    • Is a winner of an official Roblox competition…

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  • 0Michael105

    About a month ago, a new membership named Roblox Premium began to roll out to many countries. It was slowly being rolled out to random users, without a single official announcement from Roblox about it. All the community knew about it was that it was a possible replacement of Builders Club, which was later proven true.

    However, recently, it has been officially announced by Roblox and more information has been provided to the community regarding the membership. On September 23, 2019, a new blog post was created on the Roblox blog which introduces Premium to the entire community. Before, Premium was rolled out to select countries, but it is now officially being released worldwide. Feel free to read the blog post if you would like even more in…

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  • Bluerock

    Fandom Staff introduction

    September 18, 2019 by Bluerock

    Hey there! My name is Bluerock, and I'm the Wiki Manager for the Roblox Wiki. This means I'm your first point of contact and liaison for Fandom Staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., feel free to drop me a message! My focus here is mostly technical, so if you have a question about article content, you'd likely get a better answer from the admins.

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  • Thundermaker300

    Today we made a big change to the List of promotional codes page. We're sure most of you have noticed it by now. We've removed active promo codes from the page. No, they aren't being re-added.

    Recently we've had lots of people asking us for codes. We've had lots of people asking us to make codes, bring back expired codes, or something else. Apparently three warnings stating we are not Roblox employees hasn't been clear enough. So I'll say it now, for probably the 100th time.

    We are not Roblox employees!!

    This section has became problematic, and recent private discussion has been occurring regarding it. We've always been an archive, not a resource. We've received so many threats and demands to be more like a resource. Because of this, we've deci…

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  • Thundermaker300


    You might have noticed that the place, player, and group infoboxes now display an "Accurate as of ..." date. This was rolled out yesterday and is controlled using the newly added Updated template. This date will change to the date the page was last edited.

    • You are allowed to use the updated template on your own page. Usage is , it would display , which is when I last edited this blog.
    • The template will not update right away. In fact it could take up to a day to update. This means that if you edit a page, the infobox might not update the accurate date for a little while. We can't do anything about this.
      • Same thing when being personally used. Not much we can do.
    • If you are creating a page and use preview mode, the date will error. That …

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  • Thundermaker300

    The previous blog post stated that yearly events (egg hunt, hallow's eve, etc) are not being replaced. However, this appears to have changed.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do regarding the change as we are not employees and the only employee on the wiki, Fireball1725, has no control over events.

    The Events template and event pages is being discussed internally and we will get information out regarding these pages soon.

    Thoughts about the change? Leave your comments below. ~Thunder (Page · Talk) 20:54, April 9, 2019 (UTC)

    NOTICE: We do not authorize threats to Roblox regarding anything they are doing. Do not send threats, including email threats, to Roblox or the customer support team. Additionally, please leave discussion of the subje…

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  • BundleofYoy

    Sunsetting Clans

    March 9, 2019 by BundleofYoy

    A while ago, Roblox announced that clans would be removed. The time has come. As of March 4, 2019, clans have since been removed from the platform. All users that purchased a clan have been refunded.

    What were clans? Clans was a group feature that partnered with Player points. Clans could be purchased for 500 Robux, and would allow a group to be ranked on a game leaderboard based on the amount of player points members in the clan received. This system allowed for ranking different groups. Users could be invited to a clan, and users could only be in one clan at a time. Clans were removed after the removal of the leaderboard back in June 2018.

    Closing thoughts What do you think about the removal of clans? Do you think they should have…

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