• Karasuneth

    Recently Roblox has announced new updates to their terms of use (ToU) and community rules, along with some other changes to the site in relation to it. If you're a developer, these may be important to you!

    Otherwise, make sure to agree with them, as you must be to agree with them to be using the site.

    Remember, this is about Roblox and not our wiki. We aren't Roblox staff and don't manage these updates. This is just a reminder!

    There is an entire new section dedicated to specifying rules for developers and content permitted in user-generated content (UGC), including games.

    You can access the dev guidelines directly here.

    The list of content that is considered inappropriate or unsafe for Roblox (including discussion and development) has been changed. …

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  • Thundermaker300


    Yesterday Lua Widgets got released. This allows for developers to create their own widgets in studio without creating a custom UI. These widgets can dock to locations in the studio menu, like all other widgets. Widgets are created using the CreateDockWidgetPluginGui of the class. More information can be found on the developer forum post. Hope to see more plugins using this soon!

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  • Thundermaker300

    Hey everyone!

    The Roblox event, "Atlantis", has begun! Until May 1st, you can win six different aquatic prizes in three different games, "Tradelands", "Disaster Island", and "Sharkbite"! Sponsored by McDonald's® Happy Meal!

    As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section. Please make sure to follow our rules when you are posting, however.

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  • Thundermaker300

    Hey wiki editors!

    The egg hunt officially ends today. How many eggs did everyone get? Did you find the Stained Glass Egg? What about the Golden Egg? Did you get the Admin Egg? If so, who gave it to you?

    Additionally, have you completed any of the extra badges, such as the Speed Run badge? Feel free to answer in the comments and answer to the poll below.

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  • Thundermaker300

    Hello all Wikia editors!

    You have already probably heard of the newest egg hunt and maybe even played in it. This year's egg hunt has over 40 eggs in it! The most of any other egg hunt. This year's egg hunt, like last years, involves different worlds and different eggs in them. Get hunting!

    There are some known issues with the egg hunt this year. One of the most annoying issues is quest progress not saving. Make sure to complete quests before you leave, as only your eggs will save!

    Feel free to state your opinion about this year's egg hunt in the comments. Make sure to follow our wiki rules.

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