• Poophead94

    hey got secret info on stocks go to limeware or somethin video is

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  • WWQThelegendQWw

    I got the new dominus

    November 21, 2019 by WWQThelegendQWw

    I got the new dominus can you guys help me and think of good avatar ideas?


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  • SteveIsCoolMess

    Someone should do SOMETHING about this

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  • Takriiiia
    I'm finally writing this blog post after someone kept spam pinging me on the Discord server to write it, so uh here we go

    Hi! I’m Takria, but you can call me Taki. You’ve probably seen me around here, editing pages and stuff.

    This blog post is basically just a way for you to know a bit more about me, how I joined Roblox and the wiki.

    I don’t exactly recall how I joined Roblox, but I made my first account at the end of January 2019. I used that account for around 2 more months, until I forgot the password to it.

    So after that I made a new account, (with an extra i, wow i’m very creative ha) in March 2019, and I’ve been using it since then.

    Back in June, I was playing The Normal Elevator a lot, and happened to find the game’s wiki. It was practica…

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  • Exotixx432

    Hello guys.

    November 15, 2019 by Exotixx432

    Hello everyone.

    Unfortunately, I am being forced to leave the Roblox Wikia community and the Fandom community as a whole. This is due to my school district blocking the Fandom website, and I am active on the Roblox Wikia during school hours in my time zone[MST].

    I know that I can access the Fandom website via my home computer, but I never have time to. I am too busy with real life things right now.

    I sincerely hope that this wikia grows to become a better place where new and unexperienced Roblox users can find information about Roblox, and that editors, moderators, and administrators make this wikia a welcoming place to all kinds of Fandom users.

    Starting on 11/16/19, I will no longer be active on the Roblox Wikia. Over time, I may log back o…

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  • Exotixx432

    Can any of the admins or mods please tell me? I am wondering...

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  • Logonth2008

    heres somthing for ya

    November 13, 2019 by Logonth2008

    Theory of how you could  open games in 2006

    Lets take a ramdom place 

    When you would click "Join" It would do onclick="mpJoin("", 1234)

    The infomation would be sent though the browser and open the client with the abbtributes with it.

    But not like a link

    correct me if im wrong

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  • Truecat903

    I think they are trying to make Roblox devoid of color.

    They are highlighting your username (I agree with most of the people in the link I put here, bold would be better and easier to look at.)

    They are changing the mouse cursor or something whenever you hover over the leaderboard/ player list thing.

    They are changing the system of player icons by taking away the two separate following signs and replacing it by just one (I think-- I'll have to fact-check this, maybe later.)

    They are changing the color whenever you select a player from blue to white. (Which returns us to my previous point-- Are they trying to make Roblox devoid of all color?)

    Personally, I thought the blue-and-white was a good mix for the home page, and the transparent-y gray-bl…

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  • Truecat903

    (oops I put this twice. I meant with the first time. Sorry guys.) Every time I try to put in a picture or a screenshot or whatever into a comment or a blog post, it just says "Permission Error." Why? I mean, I did get a behavior and argument advisory (which I personally thought was a little bit unfair, because I was just expressing my opinions which were apparently contrary to those of some other people on that page, who started fighting about it.>:( )

    So, yeah.

    Ummm, how do I fix this? I'd like to be able to put pictures and screenshots again.

    Thank you. :) :D

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  • Truecat903

    Roblox Studio/Game Help?

    November 11, 2019 by Truecat903

    The thumbnail shows up and the game plays in testing mode in Roblox Studio perfectly fine, but whenever I try to play the game for real it just shows blank grass. How can I fix this?

    (I can't add screenshots. Thanks a lot, permission error.)

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