• RobIoxEggHunteralt


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  • Therobloxboard Creeping Lava

    My Roblox account is 3 years old!

    I joined on the 7th of July 2017. I completely forgot about it because of reasons. I am so happy my account has survived longer than all of my friends accounts.

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  • KitsuneSiren

    Idk ;-;

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  • Delcore44247

    Hey, im trying to build a fence that criss-crosses, in a XXX like fashion. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks.

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  • Tostaw

    About me

    July 7, 2020 by Tostaw

    I'm just a random kid I love the game Roblox and if you wanna play with me add tostaw on roblox

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  • Royaljjthebest

    Hello today I am going to be talking about my experience with eagle valley ag the biggest ag groups on roblox, I started out as a simple truck drive soon to turn into a developer little did I know it would turn into what it is today

    I am royal I am currently a developer for eagle valley ag it all started last year when I came back to roblox after a long break I just joined the owner one day wondering what it was 5 minutes later I got a job doing trucking then maybe 2 days later I became a dev for little things such as fixing the trucks to handle better just the little things that needed fixed little did I know 1 year later I would still be here and help produce v3 I am still a dev and currently expanding my knowledge of scripting 

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  • DDSaySlammer

    first 32 users

    July 6, 2020 by DDSaySlammer

    got inspired by yolobeans, also to lazy to add the tables 

    Username  PGed? Join Date Personal Blurb Join Number
    ROBLOX No. 2/27/2006

    "Welcome to Roblox, the Imagination Platform. Make friends, explore, and play games!"

    John Doe No. 2/27/2006 "[ Content Deleted ]" 2
    Jane Doe No. 2/27/2006 "[ Content Deleted ]" 3
    qa Yes. 2/27/2006 "6" 6
    Toolbox Unknown 2/27/2006 N/A 8
    erik.cassel No. 2/27/2006 N/A 16
    test Unknown 2/27/2006 N/A 17
    Admin No. 2/27/2006 N/A 18
    Todd Yes. 2/27/2006 "This account is not for sale, don’t fall for someone impersonating me." 21
    Keith No. 2/27/2006 N/A 22
    Loduha Unknown 2/27/2006 "Join my primary group for some cool clothes!" 23
    greg Yes. 2/27/2006 "N o t h e r e." 24
    matt No. 2/27/2006 N/A 25
    dbb Unknown 2/27/2006 N/A 26
    Rich Unknown …

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  • Alonsobuilder


    July 4, 2020 by Alonsobuilder

    Im just here trying to do a 2005 Roblox simulator, i hope you are winning in arsenal, eh, bye.

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  • Karasuneth

    Hello everyone! We haven't had an announcement for a while, or made too many changes around here for that matter. But now with extra downtime from school being over for the middle of the year along with other reasons, we've finally sorted out various pending changes to the wiki and are ready to announce them, along with other updates.

    The wiki has been pending a new look for a while. We've had the same design for a bit too long. Yesterday we released a new design with colour adjustments, a new wordmark and icon design, a different background, and a new font.

    This look is hoping to make the wiki up to date with the more modern look and feel of Roblox while still having the same atmosphere as it did previously. Do let us know what you think.


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  • Wendjiekm

    When I was a kid around late 2016 to early 2017 I played a game. I don’t remember the name but it started out with this kid who wakes up in a hospital bed. There is a voice inside his head telling him what to do. I don’t remember much of the middle of the game but in the end they are in a helicopter and a woman (who I’m guessing was the boys mom) tries to get on but gets shot. Please help me find this game. I have been trying to find it for so long

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