• AWESOMECreatorofwiki!

    Top 5 Best to Worst Games on Roblox!


    1. Meepcity

    2. The Plaza

    3.Roblox's Got Talent

    4. Bakiez Bakery

    5. Ripull Minigames


    1.  Ninja Legends

    2. Welcome to Bloxburg

    3. Roblox Cinema 

    4. Survive the killers

    5. Fake Robux Games 

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  • Manteg5fty

    It was 2 am on a Saturday night I wasn't tired at all, and didn't feel like sleeping, so I turned on my computer, and logged on to ROBLOX because i Was Bored I decided to play a few rounds of Piggy I had played a few rounds. After a while i was waiting in the game lobby, waiting for the next game to start until somebody else had joined the game. They're avatar was really suspicious looking. The person had decided to color their avatar's white and grey and light blue, put on a defult face, and some male hair. This wasn't surprising as trolls tend to dress the same way in the game, so I had just thought of the person as a troll and ignored them. The suspicious account that had just joined had sent me a private message, asking if I lived in N…

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  • ScoobisE.X.E


    April 2, 2020 by ScoobisE.X.E


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  • Diepotato810

    Pal Hair looks like bacon. Bacon is most popular in England. England and Scotland form Great Britian. And Great Britian ISW AN ISLAND

    Smile likes the day March 20th. March 20th was when Animal Crossing: New Horizions came out. Animal Crossing: New Horizions first released in Hawaii. And Hawaii ISW AN ISLAND

    Silly Fun looks ugly. Kelley Island in Ohio also looks ugly. And Kelley Island ISW AN ISLAND

    Straight Blonde Hair looks like spaghetti. Spaghetti is an Italian dish. Sicily speaks Italian. And Sicily ISW AN ISLAND

    Winning Smile is free. Fortnite is also free. Fortnite was created by Epic Games. Epic Games is headquatered in Maryland. Maryland is in the United States. The United States owns Hawaii. And Hawaii ISW AN ISLAND

    Chill is a meme. So…

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  • Sleepy Soda

    Username Ideas

    March 31, 2020 by Sleepy Soda

    A bunch of random ways you can get decent usernames not only on roblox but anywhere. Some nicknames may not appeal to you because how good a username is is subjective to your preferences :D

    Method Examples
    Use I instead of l (letter L) IIIumination, MiIIionaire, EIectricaI
    Use l instead of I (letter i) lncognito, lntentional, lllinois
    Swap two letters (good with m & n) Nomochrome, Nomopoly Mazagine, Denomstration, Momunent, Fenimist, Miminum, Fatcish, Pokenom, Vemonous, Dupsteb
    Replace vowel with _ (underscore) C_rdboard, Dolph_n, P_pperoni, Oniich_n, Music_lly
    Replace f with ph Phreedom, Dephensive, Signiphicant
    Replace c with k Karpenter, Korridor, Kalendula
    Fuse a word with '-ism' (good if ends with i or n) Beeism, Sushism, Kawaiism, Demonism, Physism, …

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  • JonasCBaldi3

    So, everytime I make a game, I can't make it public unless its a group game. When I try to make my games public, it just says; "Error Occured" in a red box. Does anyone know how to help me?

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  • Angrybirdstd

    Roblox and the hardcore world have some close ties. Roblox uses Robux, while hardcore uses a ton of different currencies, but for this, we will use USD.

    Item Robux USD
    One Zimbabwean cent 2008 1.196E-10 1.495E-12
    One mil (used in accounting) 0.08 0.001
    One penny (1c) 0.8 0.01
    One Robux 1 0.0125
    One nickel 4 0.05
    One dime 8 0.1
    Basic premium daily salary 15 0.1875
    Skeptic face 27 0.3375
    2nd tier premium daily salary 30 0.375
    1g silver 37.6 0.47
    Highest tier premium daily salary 60 0.75
    One US Dollar 80 1
    Typical coffee drink  320 4
    Hourly minimum wage in the US 580 7.25
    Luger Pistol (Roblox) 700 8.75
    Transmorph Ray Gun 800 10
    Nyx (approx.) 1020 12.75
    1kg silver 3760.8 47.01
    Typical console game 4000 50
    1g gold 4188.8 52.36
    Limited Dominus 10000 125
    2014 price of …

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  • Yoylecakesberry


    I just get bored sometimes in this wiki, thats why I'm asking.

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  • TheObjectThing15

    I play Roblox on a Chromebook.

    It works but with some problems.

    • Sometimes I can't move and then I suddenly can
    • The screen keeps getting brighter and then gets darker and so on
    • I can't chat with anyone in game
    • Whenever I join a game there is a message that says chat may be slow

    It may not sound like a lot but it is really annoying. I tried this on 2 Roblox accounts and I get the same result every time. I even restarted my Chromebook and tried different Roblox games.

    If any of you have a possible solution please tell me.

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  • Unknown18L

    im quitting

    March 19, 2020 by Unknown18L

    It seems like the people here are barely posting anything, and even if they are, it's usually something pointless that doesn't grab my interest. Therefore It's likely that I will quit this Wikia because it is rather dull and boring. I will eventually reply to some posts now and then, but at this moment the chances are pretty slim. I hope this Wikia has a better future.

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