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MustangCobra1 MustangCobra1 13 hours ago

I have a question

What would happen if David Baszucki and John Shedletsky discovered the myth community and MUGEN?

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Wsy.wng. Wsy.wng. 2 days ago

Long term catalog heaven problem

Recently, I've been having a terrible experience even attempting to play Catalog Heaven. I don't know WHAT it is, but I can't search up any catalog items of any kind. The only ones I can equip are the ones on display on the default search, not fuzzy search. Fuzzy search just refuses to work and says no results.


Pompous the cloud was shown on the default search, but when I searched for it specifically, it disappeared. I literally typed "p" and everything disappeared

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NoobYtLolz NoobYtLolz 6 days ago

I need help.

Please, Give me help with this. Why is it happening?

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Meowcatsarecuteimposter Meowcatsarecuteimposter 7 days ago

roblox can you explain

i dont like this

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Tomodachi Lucy Tomodachi Lucy 15 days ago

DracoSwordMaster's pre term torso!!

Lyra Heartstrings’ face is on his torso! I love mlp so I recognized her!

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Kiyotakaishamaru Kiyotakaishamaru 16 days ago

im good

im good so im cool too

-Xm, the ROBLOX person

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Salty saint Salty saint 16 days ago

I remember an old way that official items could become offsale and removed from the catalog

I think it was where If a limited idem doesn't get enough sales, it would go offsale before being removed, I remember that there were many items that fell victim to this, but I only saw this once that I could recall. If anyone knows anything about this please tell me.

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Tomodachi Lucy Tomodachi Lucy 19 days ago

Please make my Roblox character a page

My username is pikabluedogsimipour and my display name is Lucyisthebest

I joined in May 2019

I have 1,621 place visits

I have a YouTube account called Puddle Slime 10,000!

I have premium

I have homestead, veteran, and friendship is magic Roblox badges

I am known for my games Num Noms World and Slime Rancher Obby

I have 2 groups

I have the gold crown of o’s

To this moment I have 70 friends

I have made no ugc items

I am a huge fan of My Little Pony, but people tease me for that.

My main avatar is based off of the Hunter Slime from slime rancher

One of my best friends is Muffin_Star2017

My real name is Lucy

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Iamdepresso Iamdepresso 28 days ago

My Opinions Of Roblox Communities

  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 1. Adopt Me!
    • 1.2 2. Arsenal
    • 1.3 3. Loomian Legacy
    • 1.4 4. World // Zero (WIP)

Hi! As you can tell, this is my first blog post. I was disappointed to find out that there is no discussion board, but at least I can see actual comments on these blog posts. Anyway, call me Depresso. I am a user usually found in Roblox fandoms, especially the LL (Loomian Legacy) and RRoN (Rise of Nations (Roblox)) fandoms. If people enjoy what is here concurrently here, I will accept requests. If this breaks wiki rules somehow, you may take them down, message me on my message wall, and point out things that were wrong about the blog post. I will try to listen. Anyway, I will start the whole thing NOW!

The Adopt Me! community are some of the most disliked …

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Ryan12932 Ryan12932 15 June

This wiki just got Newified

It might be harder to use because ive never experienced it, but if i experience it more i could use it easy

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