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0Michael105 0Michael105 4 hours ago

New non-sponsored limiteds

Over the past two weeks, Roblox has been making non-sponsored avatar shop items limited. This is a big deal for the Roblox trading community as the last non-sponsored limiteds were released nearly two and a half years ago, in the otherwise uneventful Black Friday 2019 sale.

May 12 marked the first time multiple went limited in the same day, in this case the Maker Faire IRL exclusives.

May 18 marked the first time a regularly on-sale item went limited, the Happy Time Magic Flower Bowler. It was available for a whopping 8 years, 9 months, 18 days. That's 3 years longer than the duration the Shaggy was normally for sale!

Since Roblox has not publicly acknowledged the sudden activity, some users are jumping to conclusions that range from just satis…

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AsentaWaver AsentaWaver 22 days ago


im tryna be more active here

ill try and be here about as least once a day.

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Survive The End of Roblox (2003 - 2008)

  • 1 2003 - 2007
    • 1.1 Description
  • 2 2003 - 2007
    • 2.1 Gameplay
  • 3 2007 - 2012 Description
  • 4 2007 - 2012 Gameplay
  • 5 2012 - 2017
    • 5.1 Description
    • 5.2 Gameplay

Disasters strike Telamon Bay and chaos ensues. Can you survive the end of a habitable civilization, destroyed by natural disasters?

Gain risk by running around the city doing risky things, like staying on the earthquake fault lines, or hanging with Larry the Weirdo on the top of the volcano. Exchange Risk to Points and buy gear that enhances gameplay!

The game is pretty simple, you run around surviving disasters like Earthquakes, Nuclear meltdowns, Giant, Mutant centipedes, and even a Dam Burst. Normally, this is a very modest game, however, when the experience first came out in July of 2003, it was one of the …

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Sxi143 Sxi143 17 April

Roblox Avatar are very similar to Xbox avatar

I think About that these avatar a very Similar or different From that.

Bacon Avatar: After their players Used a Bacon man & woman to wear but their uncommon to wearing that trust me.

Guest Avatar: If person won’t sign in They Tried to Log in as a guest. But one avatar is very creepy and horror is Guest 666.

Bundle avatar: these avatar have robux They Should buy if people have enough robux.

Props: Prop are used from left and right hand.

Xbox Guest avatar: If people creating their new account on Xbox live They have to choose Their avatar.

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AsentaWaver AsentaWaver 11 April


Yeah I like roblox

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Dontusetomuchemoji Dontusetomuchemoji 8 April

Is this a scam message

Hio. This happened to me 2 days ago. So i was chilling late on roblox. When i saw i got a message. The message said some suspicous stuff. Then it told me to join a group. I looked at the profile. And i saw stuff like this

So who want to know what i did. I went to her profile and messaged her. Then she repiled with this

Yes sorry, I’m recruiting more people for our group. We’re a rap group, not scammers.😅 If you’re interested, we’d love for you to join. If not, that’s ok.

Take care


On 04/04/2022 at 15:10, Minioncreator123 wrote:

Hi. If i'm mistaken I believe you sent me a message to join your group. First of all I want to point out how do you know me if I dont know you? Next, I feel like this is a scam to hack me. If i'm mistaken I am sorry…

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Karasuneth Karasuneth 2 April

Notability policy updates (April 2022)

Hi editors! It's been a while since our last actual announcement. This one will be a little short.

As Roblox grows, it is necessary for us to update our notability policy criteria. This is so that the notability policy works as intended- to encourage better quality articles by limiting the amount of pages made. Criteria elements like place visits have to be increased to keep up with how fast place visits can increase for games, for example.

The place visits minimum criteria for a notable experience is now 2,000,000 place visits.

This also applies to the user and group notability criteria that uses a notable experience as criteria.

The group members minimum criteria for a notable group is now 50,000 members.

A new criteria has been added for user …

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The robl9x incident The robl9x incident 25 March

Red link page 1

This page is useless. Click the redirect page. Please. Pleeeeeeaaaaaase.

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Keyblockidk Keyblockidk 24 March

test thing for page moving

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Guys the roblox page is edited

So yeah spread the news

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