Gelabubble Gelabubble 4 days ago

Do you still get the Goldlika Chain if you voted on November 18

so for those of you who didnt know RB battles season 2 is starting and they have a poll to guess who will win and if you get it right you win a goldlika chain

so yesterday I put in my prediction but I noticed it said poll closes on november 18

I thought it meant the poll will be removed but I came back today and found out the poll was still there

since i voted on nov 18th Im worried that my vote wasnt counted, does anyone know if it will or not

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Combat264 Combat264 5 days ago

Top 5 Biggest Roblox Events EVER

so i thougth it would be a cool idea to list out the top 5 biggest, hardest, coolest and craziest events roblox has ever had so here is the list.. ill be listing them from 5 to 1 and 1 being the biggest event

5. The 2018 Hallows eve sinister swamp event-

this was the first ever roblox event to include a main lobby game leading to different roblox games

in this event you could get 10 limited items by going and finishing challenges in 1p games- the main lobby game was based of on an old abandoned theme park which had different gates indicating rides which led to different games- it was also the firat event to have animations and mechanics like double jump

4. 2018 Egg Hunt The Great Yolktales-

this was in my opinion the most well done and the be…

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TheMrSoHero TheMrSoHero 8 days ago

23K Pages!

We reached 23K pages on the wiki today!

I would like to put some stats here, but I need the answer to these questions...

1: What was the 23,000th page?

2: Who made the 23,000th page?

If you know, please tell me in the comments.

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Enayy Enayy 8 days ago

Is this a hack?

Hello, if you don't understand, I made this to discuss one thing, Shedletsky. No this is not about the removal of guests, or tix. I am learning to get over that. But it is the picture. He has many of the same items, same thing with Shaggy Hair. Is this a hack like the Robbie Rotten hack?

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Carrrrrot Carrrrrot 10 days ago

Plans I have

Hi all, thanks for reading. I may not be active on fandom, but here are the (few) goals I have.

  1. Work on and elaborate the Egg Hunt 2020 page. I actually completed all of the egg quests and I do own the Fabergé egg 2020 on my main account, so I feel like that is one I could help out with.
  2. Well, I did say I have few goals.
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JespinjGD JespinjGD 13 days ago

Rating: Mantis Pincher Swordpack

Not worth it AT ALL. 200 Robux for a single nasty item. No.


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StraberriMilk StraberriMilk 19 days ago

Can someone help me with my GFX?

Im not sure if this is the right place but...

What happens is I upload my texture and the body has it but the head remains grey. 

The models for the hat and ears im wearing are there but they are grey with no textures and the face looks like the rig face.

Please help me!!



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Tedster41 Tedster41 22 days ago

How Adopt Me can Break Roblox

What I am going to write down here can be quite controversial, so I kind of expect hate comments on this one. But let's see if I can get this over with.

Recently, you might have found some bugs with the chat on Roblox. I have been looking at this and investigating why it happens, and I think I'm on to something. Every time the chat bugs out and messages are just '___________' Adopt Me is filled with players. And this isn't a one time thing either, this has happened many times before. When the chat is really slow, Adopt Me has loads of players in it. 'But why Adopt Me?' I hear you ask. It's simple. Adopt Me is basically the power-house of Roblox. It's always on the top page, and it has a massive community. And this is one giant community of r…

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Nientea Nientea 26 days ago

Stages of ROBLOX

  1. The Scamming Menace (2006 - 2016)
  2. Attack of the Bots (2016 - 2019)
  3. Revenge of the Scams (2019 - May 2020)
  4. A New Hope (May 2020 - Sept 2020)
  5. The Scammers Strike Back (Sept 2020 - Present)
  6. Return of the Admins
  7. The Games Awaken
  8. The Last Admin
  9. The Rise of Builderman
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NitroCrystal81 NitroCrystal81 21 October

Need Some Formatting Assistance

Hey, so I recently made my first page on this wiki and it went very smoothly, but I have a couple of formatting questions that I couldn't seem to figure out on my own. I'm sure they're very easy and I'm just too dumb to figure them out, but if someone could give me the answers that would be great.

  1. How do I prevent the page category from appearing in the title? For example, if I make a post about a community member, it automatically gets titled Community:User, and I want to know how to prevent that from happening/fix it. It should appear that way in the search bar, but not the title. So, when searching for the article, it would recommend "Community:User" but the article's main title header would just say "User".
  2. In the PC experience, external…

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