• Screemu the Giygas Fangirl

    So, if you've read Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir, you probably know the SeaWings have their own way to communicate underwater, a language they created by flashing their glow-in-the-dark stripes, called Aquatic. In the WoF game on Roblox, SeaWings were added yesterday (Sunday, 1/19/2020 for all you future peeps) and by pressing U, they could make all their stripes glow at once. When talking underwater, the SeaWings do make their stripes flash individually a lot to mimic Aquatic, but it's just an animation that stays the same no matter what you say. So I wanted to make up my own Aquatic language you could speak on land.

    Every flash would be a number, and the amount of times you flash counts up. So for the alphabet, you'd flash until you get to…

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  • Ilovethebackyardigans

    I want to make a page about my avatar on roblox but I don’t know what to do. I’m also a popular user.

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  • ChachaShafaqat

    Rate My Outfit Of 10

    January 18, 2020 by ChachaShafaqat
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  • WolfSmart

    So about a month ago I purchased the 2nd tier Premium giving 1000 robux straight away, it was there but today I came across something... I got another thousand robux, meaning I got 2000 robux all up. Please give me some answers.

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  • ButterBlaziken230

    So, basically these are games that are not allowed on Game Review for certain reasons. That means they will not be featured in Roblox Game Review.

    • Adopt Me: I have no interest in playing it.
    • Trade Hangout: I don’t have limiteds.
    • Basic Obbies: Most obbies which don’t have a general theme except jumping over rainbow blocks in the sky are banned for being too simplistic and repetitive. They would score a 3/10 or lower anyway.
    • Tycoons: Tycoons are banned for simply being waiting games.
    • Games that cost Robux: If there’s a game that costs Robux that I don’t already have, I won’t play it. The only exception is Welcome to Bloxburg because I actually have that.
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  • ButterBlaziken230

    Welcome to my new series called Game Review! In this series, I review Roblox games, as the name implies. In this Game Review blog, I’m going to review Jailbreak, an insanely popular Roblox game.

    The graphics of Jailbreak are pretty good, especially the new grass they added, which looks great. The city looks fine and most locations in the game are pretty well made. The vehicles are also look quite good. I don’t really know what else to say when it comes to talking about the graphics, other than the lighting, which is good too.

    In Jailbreak, there are two major play styles.

    Criminal - As a criminal, you start in a prison and have to escape. Once you have escaped, you can explore the area and rob places like the Donut Shop and Bank, and acquire …

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  • Truecat903

    Is this thing new?

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  • GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX

    Today, all of a sudden on Roblox, I lost the ability to zoom in/out. My friend also lost the ability to jump at the EXACT SAME TIME. It's been happening on most games. I have logged out and then in, restarted my computer, etc. Nothing is working. This issue needs to be reported to ROBLOX.

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  • Orenreef

    Roblox MIGHT be sued!

    January 7, 2020 by Orenreef

    Yes. that is true. Roblox might be sued for not buying the oof sound. Roblox is changing it because, They refused to pay to buy the oof sound. The Creator of oof is TommyTallerico. To get proof, check this Twitter image.

    Roblox might be sued because, TommyTallerico's Oof sound was taken from Roblox without payment. (Or probably illegally) Roblox is going to get sued for 100 Million. You can also see that in the image. There is a lot of media showing it. If Roblox goes to court, then we will have to tell that TommyTallerico is deciding what Roblox is going to do.

    We don't know. Roblox will have to pay more fees to settle in. TommyTallerico is trying to get Roblox to pay money for the oof sound, but Roblox is refusing to. Roblox (just in case …

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  • Henriot5


    December 30, 2019 by Henriot5

    I found this, but I didn't really trust this...

    What is ?

    Is it a scam site?

    I think so... Can anyone tell me what this site really is??? pls

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