Dugsavage Dugsavage 15 hours ago

Spaced Usernames

Spaced Usernames.

Hello people of Robloxia. I have been digging for a while now, and I think I found all the usernames with spaces in them. The username will be written, followed by the User ID, and whether the user is active or not. Thanks for checking out my page!

evil warrior (5776) - sometimes active

tommy rules (7402) - fairly active

da bomb (1062) - inactive

Code Monkey (484) - inactive

monkeys rule (7147) - inactive

alpha brick master (3155) - inactive

little fuzzy (2611) - sometimes active

mb Ghettoplata (3584) - inactive

Maxs minion 1 (3577) - inactive

win 0r l0se (3565) - fairly active

G UNIT SOELDER (7265) - inactive

sup3man x (3569) - inactive

elven pet (6566) - inactive

justian hoss (7370) - inactive

dakota cox (6295) - inactive

matt bergman (…

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9degreas 9degreas 1 day ago

I started a bacon raid

I started a bacon raid on the Roblox game defeat the bacons. My fellow bacons join me in spaming things like i like bacons or bacons rule etc. We can do this bacons!!!

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3am's pee 3am's pee 2 days ago

i found a weird bug which forces someone to friend me

yup. this is true

i did not friend request the user. they forcefriended me. i had alot of experience of them

hope roblox can stop "forcefriend" bug

The example of a victim got forcefriended by someone >>>

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HelloPizza24 HelloPizza24 2 days ago

This is flawed

So, I was on the adopt me wiki and the got banned. I have no idea why I was banned, but i was. Then, it said to talk to a moderator to discuss my ban, It lead me totheir talk page but then when i went to say something on it, It said I couldn't because I was banned ;-;

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Se.52190 Se.52190 2 days ago

those who want DJ's Sword of Agility but have not read the page

If you want DJ's Sword of Agility and have not got it yet, you cannot get it. Seriously. My sisters wanted it but they couldn't so they let me play on their accounts and get Russo's Sword of Truth for them. Do that sword instead, or Sabrina's Sword of Healing. Peace out.

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Johnfhlip.Delapena Johnfhlip.Delapena 2 days ago


your Airplane 5: The Create And Happy Party Story 1&2 Your Found Help Story game]]

Twitter And YouTube celebrities IAmOptimusPrime129 Found Story games

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Leocripe Leocripe 2 days ago


A Unknown disaster Occurred on 2018 because the staff called Karasuneth removed the community page with a unknown reason we don't know why the staff do this but i think the community channel will back

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3am's pee 3am's pee 5 days ago

can people make a new rule about no adding non popular or non community users

It gets annoying due to people making non community user's page

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Steamrolling Steamrolling 7 days ago


I'm not even kidding, this is actually real. After Urbanize's UGC permissions were unfairly removed, me and a lot of other roblox users were upset about Urbanize's ban. But he is finally back in the UGC program. If you need any proof here it is https://www.roblox.com/groups/5586050/UGLY-PUG#!/about

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PolyDev PolyDev 9 days ago

Page improvements (2)

Another concern about the Eviction Notice page. Can someone add this photo to the page's infobox? The image below is the game's current render. If you would not like the replacement then it's okay. Also I'm asking everyone to edit the page to match the criteria so it can no longer have issues regarding its Manual of Style. Thank you again.

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