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Ghost Simulator is a simulator Roblox game developed by BloxByte Games. In this game, players can use vacuums to suck up ghosts and sell the Ectoplasm obtained for the game's currencies, Ecto-Tokens, and Souls, where the latter only applies in the Rift. The ghosts will also drop materials such as antenna parts that can be used to upgrade the player's antenna (used as a level-up system to access different areas of the game), along with the area exclusive materials and Gems. Vacuums and Backpacks can be upgraded at the shop to vacuum faster and store more Ectoplasm respectively.


Take note that Bonus Areas have Gem Chests that take a fixed amount of time to refresh and that entering the special event biome, Ghost World or Luna's Room will disrupt the map.  Ghost Simulator Normal Areas(Ghost World available after update 4, requires Antenna Level 10, (Backdoor available after update 18, requires at least antenna level 11)

  • Forest (Starter Biome)(Has teleporter that enables fast access to places that player has unlocked(Only main areas) and Luna's Room)
  • Blox City (Antenna Level 2)(Contains Hoverboard shop)
  • Junkyard (Antenna Level 3)(Contains Incinerator)
  • Sewer (Antenna Level 4)
  • Construction Site (Blox City Bonus Area, Requires 10 Newspapers, Tires and Old Socks each)(2 hours cooldown chest with ~400-500 gems)
  • Wild West (Antenna Level 5)
  • Area 51 (Antenna Level 6)
  • Mine (Antenna Level 7)
  • Pyramids (Wild West Bonus Area, Requires 50 Sheriff Badges, Meteorites and Gold Bars each)(4 hours cooldown chest with ~3000 gems)
  • Beach (Antenna Level 8)
  • Underwater (Antenna Level 9)
  • Volcano (Antenna Level 10)(Has Ecto-token to Gem Converter, only usable at maxed antenna)
  • Ice Cave (Beach Bonus Area, Requires 50 Doubloons, 50 Pearls and 50 Diamonds each (18 hours cooldown chest with ~7000-8000 gems)
  • Ghostly Islands (Ghost World)
  • Castle Courtyard (Ghost World)
  • Haunted Castle(Ghost World)
  • Music Meadows(Ghost World Bonus Area at Ghostly Islands, requires 250 Stopwatches, Crowns and Goblets each)(42 hours cooldown chest with ~50000 gems)
  • Swamplands (Backdoor)
  • Winter Tundra (Backdoor)
  • Mushroom Forest (Backdoor)
  • Twisting River (Backdoor)
  • Crystal Cave (Backdoor Bonus Area at Winter Tundra, requires 10 Ice Cubes, Mushrooms and Bobbers each)
  • Farm (Backdoor)
  • Spaceship (Backdoor)
  • Barn (Backdoor)
  • Beehive (Backdoor Bonus Area at Farm, requires ??? Apples, ??? Satellites and ??? Hay Bales each)
  • Data Stream (Backdoor)
  • Reverse City (Backdoor)
  • BloxByte HQ (Backdoor)
  • Agents HQ (Backdoor Bonus Area at Reverse City, requires ??? USBs, ??? Ecto-coffees and ??? BloxByte Tokens each)
  • Bloxbyte HQ (Bloxbyte HQ (Mini World)) Requires Agent Blaze's questlibe finished.
  • The Void (The Void) Requires Bloxbyte Boss defeated.

Special Event Areas(only for a limited time), as of update 22:

  • Space World(21/6/2019-21/7/2019)
  • Dinosaur Land(21/7/2019-31/8/2019)
  • Haunted Mansion(18/10/2019-???)
  • The North Pole(??/12/2019-1/5/2020)
  • Easter Land (4/6/2020-4/29/2020)
  • Atlantis
  • (Halloween World)
  • Metaverse Champion


There are different types of ghosts in all of the areas. They will reward more depending on what area the user is in. Boss ghosts will drop a boss area chest if defeated. From those, the user can get gems (and maybe an area exclusive special hoverboard skin) Ghost health is in brackets, take note that Bosses only last for 5 mins before despawning(Their spawn spots are marked by similar cracks in the ground). Special tier ghosts have higher HP than normal tier ghosts and will spawn less often in their respective biomes. Bonus area ghosts will generally drop more gems than most ghosts.

  • Forest(Drops Acorns): Fairy(10), Owl(15), Ghastly Tree(Tree Boss).
  • Blox City(Drops Newspapers): Business Man(20), Street Cat(30), George The Gorilla(Gorilla Boss).
  • Junkyard(Drops Tires) : Mechanic(50), Garbage Bin(75),
  • Sewer(Drops Old Socks): Paper Bag Man(125), Rat(190), Sludge(Trash Can Boss)
  • Construction Site(Drops Hammers): Worker(300), Pigeon(450).
  • Wild West(Drops Sheriff Badges): Bandit(500), Cowboy(850), Subject One(Alien Boss).
  • Area 51(Drops Meteorites): Scientist(1100), Zorg(1650)
  • Mine(Drops Gold Bars): Miner(2k), Living Rock(3k)
  • Pyramids(Drops Artifacts): Pharaoh(4.5k), Mummy(6.75k)
  • Beach(Drops Doubloons): Pirate(9.5k), Parrot(14k), King Krab(Crab Boss).
  • Underwater(Drops Pearls): Diver(17.5k), Mermaid(26.5k)
  • Volcano(Drops Diamonds): Islander(45k), Magma Monster(67.5k), Magmoraug(Dragon Boss)
  • Ice Cave(Drops Ancient Tusks): Explorer(100k), Penguin(150k)
  • Ghostly Islands: Segregated into 3 areas. Grim(Miniboss) can be found just above the rift teleporter and Areas 1 and 3. Area 2 contains the Parkour Obby and entrance to Music Meadows
  1. Area 1 (Drops Energy Shards): Jester(200k), Jelly(300k)
  2. Area 2 (Drops Spirit Particles): Pinwheel(275k), Blue Ray(400k)
  3. Area 3 (Drops Stopwatches): Spooky(425k), Pixie(600k)
  • Castle Courtyard: Segregated into 2 decks. Leo is found at Lower Deck while Yoko is found at Upper Deck
  1. Lower Deck(Drops Royal Crowns): Rouge(750k), Knight(1.1M)
  2. Upper Deck(Drops Goblets): Wizard(1.7M), Horse(2.5M)
  • Music Meadows(Drops Music Sheets): Bongo(3.6M), Yellow Note(5M), DJ(9.5M), Purple Note(12M)
  • Special Event Dinosaur Land(Drops Dino Eggs only): Cave(wo)man(500), Blue/Yellow Dino(1000), Dinosaur King(Miniboss) 
  • Special Event Haunted Mansion(Drops Candy only. Note that vacuuming speed here is not influenced by pets and vacuum unlike the other areas'): Vampire(250), Scarecrow(375), Soul Caster(500), Bat(750), Megaboss: 'Headless Hallow(Drops a Skeleton Key upon defeat to victors of the Hunt) Read more details at the end of this page.
  • Haunted Castle: Segregated into 2 floors and Throne Room. Fern is found at the Lower Floor while Gatekeeper is found at the Upper Floor. Upper Floor contains Haunted Castle hobby and Throne Room, where Megaboss is fought. Megaboss: Great Guardian
  • 1.Lower Floor(Drop Sugar Sprouts):Viney(20M),Blooming(27.5M)
  • 2.Upper Floor(Drop Watering Cans):Adventurer(30M),Dragonfly(40M)
  • Castle Throneroom: The Great Guardian
  • Swamplands: Swamp Dweller, Firefly


There are now 16 Permanent Ghost Hunters(3 are infinite questlines), 7 in the rift, and one in the special event biome. Read the types of drops above before reading the questlines. The important factor in certain quests will be in bold. (Take note that after one of the updates, items may be relocated, making it easier to find some quest items, but some are now harder to get)

Ghost Hunter Gabe: (Forest)

  • 1. Ghost Catching 101: Vacuum 2 ghosts in the Forest (5 Gems)
  • 2.  The Ghost Market: Sell Ectoplasm in your Pack (10 Gems)
  • 3. A Special Ghost Indeed: Vacuum 1 Owl ghost. (15 Gems)
  • 4. Collection Day: Collect 100 Ecto-Tokens. (20 Gems)
  • 5. Buy the second vacuum in the Lab, Buy the second pack in the Lab. (25 Gems)
  • 6. Stop, Thief!: Obtain 3 Acorns and Antenna Parts each. (30 Gems)
  • 7. Upgrade your Antenna to Level 2. (70 Gems)

Ghost Hunter Adam: (Blox City)

  • 1. He's a Bit Catty: Vacuum 5 Businessman Ghosts and 2 Street Cat Ghosts and obtain 3 Newspapers (30 Gems)
  • 2. Ghost Town Collection: Collect 300 Ectoplasm from any ghost. (60 Gems)
  • 3. Pets Like Boxes: Open Pet Crate #1 once at the Shop. (50 Gems)
  • 4. Road to the Junkyard: Obtain 10 Antenna Parts and 5 Newspapers, Upgrade Antenna to Level 3. (75 Gems)
  • 5. Junkyard Take Out: Vacuum 8 Mechanic Ghosts and 3 Garbage Bin Ghosts and Obtain 4 Tires. (100 Gems)
  • 6. Calling Ghost Hunter Adam: Find Adam's Cell Phone hidden in the Junkyard. (25 Gems)
  • 7. Taking Out the Trash: Burn 3 items in the Incinerator. (25 Antenna Parts)
  • 8. Obtain 35 Antenna Parts and 10 Tires. Upgrade Antenna to Level 4. (100 Gems)
  • 9. What's that Smell?: Vacuum 15 Paper Bag Man Ghosts and 4 Rat Ghosts and obtain 8 Old Socks (120 Gems)
  • 10. Construction Obsturction: Obtain 10 Newspapers, Tires and Old Socks each. Unlock access to Construction Site. (80 Gems)
  • 11. Stop Those Pigeons!: Vacuum 30 Worker Ghosts and 8 Pigeon Ghosts and obtain 15 hammers (200 Gems)
  • 12. Rewind Time: Vacuum 8 special tier ghosts in Blox City, Junkyard, Sewers and Construction Site each. (250 Gems)
  • 13. Hail the Hoverboard: Obtain 10 Newspapers, Tires and Old Socks each, and 20 Hammers.(Unlock Basic Hoverboard+500 Gems)

Ghost Hunter Jesse: (The Wild West)

  • 1. The Magnet Affect: Vacuum 30 Bandit Ghosts in the Wild West, Vacuum 5 Cowboy Ghosts in the Wild West, Obtain 15 Sheriff Badges from the Wild West
  • 2. Round em' Up: Vacuum 20 Fairy Ghosts in the Forest, Vacuum 15 Mechanic Ghosts in the Junkyard, Vacuum 15 Bandit Ghosts in the Wild West, Vacuum 15 Cowboy Ghosts in the Wild West
  • 3. Defeat any boss once
  • 4. Mission Unthinkable: Obtain 250 Antenna Parts, Obtain 50 Sheriff's Badges from the Wild West. Upgrade Antenna to Level 6.
  • 5. Agent Ghost Hunter: Vacuum 30 Scientist Ghosts, Vacuum 7 Zorg Ghosts and obtain 35 Meteorites
  • 6. Power to the Source: Vacuum 20 Paper Bag Man Ghosts, Vacuum 20 Worker Ghosts, Vacuum 20 Scientist Ghosts, Vacuum 7 Zorg Ghosts
  • 7. Lord of the Rings:Jump through the green ring
  • 8. Level Up: Obtain 350 Antenna Parts, Obtain 100 Meteorites from Area 51, Upgrade your antenna to level 7
  • 9. Rocky Road Ahead: Vacuum 40 Miner Ghosts in the Mine, Vacuum 20 Living Rock Ghosts in the Mine, Obtain 60 Gold Ingots in the Mine
  • 10. Super Duper Power Troopers: Vacuum 30 Businessman Ghosts from Blox City,  Vacuum 20 Rat Ghosts from the Sewer, Vacuum 30 Miner Ghosts from the Mine, and Vacuum 5 Living Rock ghosts in the Mine.
  • 11. Collect 750 Gems from anywhere
  • 12. Unbox one Tier 2 pet
  • 13. You Shall Not Pass: Obtain 50 Sheriff's Badges from the Wild West, Obtain 50 Meteors from Area 51, Obtain 50 Gold Ingots from the Mine, Unlock access to the Pyramids
  • 14. Where's My Mummy?: Vacuum 80 pharaoh Ghosts in the Pyramids, Vacuum 25 Mummy Ghosts in the Pyramids, Obtain 100 Artifacts from the Pyramids.
  • 15. True Grit: Vacuum 20 Garbage Bin Ghosts in the Junkyard, Vacuum 20 Pigeon Ghosts in the Construction Site, Vacuum 50 Pharaoh Ghosts in the Pyramids, Vacuum 10 Mummy Ghosts in the Pyramids.
  • 16. Find Jesse's lucky boot in Wild West.
  • 17. Specimen Collection: Vacuum 25 special tier ghosts from Wild West, Area 51, Mine and Pyramids each.
  • 18. Quest for the Great Magnet: Obtain 50 Sheriff's Badges, Meteorites and Gold Ingots each and 70 Artifacts (Unlock Magnetism)

Ghost Hunter Dylan: (Pet)

  • 1. Unbox 2 pets from the shop. (Chipmunk pet)
  • 2. Unbox 1 uncommon pet from the shop.
  • 3. Never Enough Pets: Unbox 4 pets from any pet crate.
  • 4. The Lucky Ghost Net: Find the Pet Trainer's lost net hidden in the Forest.
  • 5. Bit of a Rarity: Unbox 3 rare pets from any pet crate.
  • 6. A Town Legend: Unbox 2 legendary pets from any pet crate.
  • 7. Gotta Collect 'em All: Fill up Pet Index of pet crates 1 to 3. (8-Bit Mythical Pet)

Ghost Hunter Captain Finsley: (Beach)

  • 1. Gimme the Loot: Vacuum 40 Pirate ghosts and 25 Parrot ghosts and obtain 75 Doubloons
  • 2. All Hands On Deck: Vacuum 30 Pirate ghost in the beach Vacuum 15 Parrot ghost in the beach Vacuum 25 Businessman ghost in the blox city and 30 workers in the construction zone.
  • 3. Like a Boss: Fight any boss 3 times. (Reward: x5 Beach Boss Chests)
  • 4. Obtain 1100 Antenna Parts and 300 Doubloons. Upgrade your antenna to level 9 (1000 Gems)
  • 5. Rusty Trusty Sword: Find the Cap's Rusty Sword in Underwater biome.
  • 6. Underwater Wonderland: Vacuum 60 Diver ghosts, Vacuum 25 Mermaid ghosts, Obtain 100 Pearls from Underwater.
  • 7. Save Our Oceans: Vacuum 45 Paper Bag Man Ghosts in the Sewer, Vacuum 40 Scientist Ghosts in Area 51, Vacuum 40 Diver Ghosts in Underwater, Vacuum 15 Mermaid Ghost in Underwater.
  • 8. Put a Ring On It: Jump off mountainside ramp and go through the ring on the Beach.
  • 9. Ascending Fire: Obtain 1650 Antenna Parts, Obtain 350 Pearls from Underwater, Upgrade your Antenna to level 10.
  • 10. Volcano Venture: Vacuum 60 Islander ghosts, Vacuum 30 Magma monsters, Obtain 150 diamonds from the Volcano.
  • 11. Glitters More Than Gold: Vacuum 60 Bandit ghosts, Vacuum 75 Pharaoh ghosts, Vacuum 60 Islander ghosts, Obtain 100 diamonds from the volcano.
  • 12. It's Raining Gems: Collect 3,000 gems from anywhere.
  • 13. Open a #3 Pet box from the shop.
  • 14. Winter Ghostland: Obtain 50 Doubloons, Pearls and diamonds each. Unlock access to the Ice Cave.
  • 15. Shiver Me Timbers: Vacuum 75 Explorer ghosts, Vacuum 40 penguin ghosts, Obtain 175 tusks from the ice cave.
  • 16. Vacuum 75 construction ghosts, Vacuum 75 miner ghost, Vacuum 75 explorer ghosts, Obtain 100 tusks from the ice cave.
  • 17. Convert 10,000,000 Ecto tokens into gems at the Ecto-Token Converter and collect 1,500 gems from anywhere.
  • 18. Vacuum 50 special tier ghosts from Beach, Underwater, Volcano and Ice Cave each.
  • 19. Obtain 200 Doubloons, Pearls, Diamonds and Ancient Tusks each. (Multiple Streams)

Ghost Hunter Blaze: (Volcano)

  • 1. Chroma Trope: Buy the Chroma gear set from the Lab.
  • 2. Vacuum 50 Businessman Ghosts in Blox City, Vacuum 50 Mechanic Ghosts in the Junkyard, Vacuum 50  Paper Bag Ghosts in the Sewer, Vacuum 50 Worker Ghosts in the Construction Site.
  • 3. Vacuum - 50 Bandit Ghost, 50 Scientist Ghosts, 50 Miner Ghosts, 50 Pharaoh Ghosts
  • 4.Vacuum- 50 Pirate Ghosts, 50 Diver Ghosts, 50 Islander Ghosts, 50 Explorer Ghosts
  • 5. Convert 10,000,000 Ecto Tokens into Gems in the Volcano, Burn 500 items in the Incinerator at the Junkyard
  • 6. Vacuum 25 Street Cat Ghosts in Blox City, Vacuum 25 Garbage Bin Ghosts in the Junkyard, Vacuum 25 Rat Ghosts from the Sewer, Vacuum 25 Pigeon Ghosts at the Construction Site
  • 7. Vacuum 25 Cowboy, 25 Zorg, 25 Living Rock, 25 Mummy
  • 8. Vacuum 25 Parrot Ghosts at the Beach, Vacuum 25 Mermaid Ghosts in Underwater, Vacuum 25 Magma Monster Ghost in the Volcano, Vacuum 25 Penguin Ghosts in the Ice Cave.
  • 9. Obtain 25 Newspapers from Blox City, Obtain 25 Tires from the Junkyard, Obtain 25 Old Socks from the Sewer, Obtain 50 Hammers from the Construction Site.
  • 10. Obtain 50 Sheriff's Badges, Meteorites and Gold Bars each and 75/100? Artifacts
  • 11. Obtain 100 Doubloons, Pearls and Diamonds each, and 200 Tusks
  • 12. Unbox 15 pets from Pet Crate #1, 10 Pets from Pet Crate #2, and 5 pets from Pet Crate #3
  • 13.Defeat Ghastly Woods, George the Gorilla, Subject One and King Krab twice. (Get 3 chests from corresponding biomes each)
  • 14.Unbox 1 Godly Pet from any pet crate(3 before a certain update). (Unlock Magma Slab Hoverboard and Sparks Pet)

Ghost Hunter Luna: (Forest, Maxed Antenna Required)

  • 1. Complete the Mine obby and retrieve the First Clue.
  • 2. Defeat Magmaroug three times. (Its recommended to change servers after each defeat, because Magmaroug will only appear after at least 70 mins of its disappearance/defeat, 60 mins for boss switching + 2.5 mins taken to defeat the boss)
  • 3. Obtain 50 Newspapers, Hammers, Sheriff's Badges and Doubloons each.
  • 4. Complete the Junkyard obby and retrieve the Second Clue.
  • 5. Obtain 50 Tires, Meteorites, Artifacts and Pearls each.
  • 6. Complete the Blox City obby and retrieve the Third Clue.
  • 7. Buy the Distorted Vacuum and Distorted Pack from the Lab. (Hyperspace Hoverboard)
  • 8. Obtain 50 Socks, Gold Bars, Diamonds and Ancient Tusks each.
  • 9. Complete the Wild West obby and retrieve the Fourth Clue
  • 10. Find all of the Gadget Fragments in the Forest, Blox City, Junkyard, Underwater, and Volcano Biomes, one in each area.
  • 11. Unbox thirty Tier 1 pets.
  • 12. Complete the Beach obby and retrieve the Final Clue. (Wisp Pet)

Ghost Hunter Shelly: (Ghost World)

  • 1. Tea party: Vacuum 15 jester ghosts.
  • 2. The ghost market: Sell your ectoplasm in the Rift
  • 3. (Tag, you're it!) Vacuum 20 Jester and 10 Jelly ghosts
  • 4. (Hide n' Seek) Collect 1,000 gems from anywhere.
  • 5. (To the Market) Unbox 1 pet from Pet Crate #4 at the Market's Shop.
  • 6. (Guessing games) Vacuum 15 jelly ghosts and obtain 50 energy shards.
  • 7. (Pawns in a game) Collect 7,000,000 ectoplasm and obtain 75 energy shards.
  • 8. (Search and rescue) Vacuum 35 cowboys, 30 trash cans, 20 magma monsters and 20 penguins.
  • 9. (Ghostly ghost hunter) Obtain 1,000 souls.
  • 10. (Miniboss) Defeat a miniboss.
  • 11. (Newly upgraded) Buy the hotrod set.
  • 12. (Case of the head fuzzies) Jump through the green ring.
  • 13. (Lost in Thought) Vacuum 25 pinwheel ghosts, 15 jelly ghosts and obtain 125 spirit particles.
  • 14. (Ghostly acquaintances) Vacuum 30 blue ray ghosts, 15 jester ghosts and obtain 175 spirit particles.
  • 15. (Ghastly fruit) Find the ghastly fruit.
  • 16. (Hide n' Seek) Collect 2,000 gems from anywhere.
  • 17. (Open 3 pet crates #4's)
  • 18. (Ocean scented) Jump through the blue ring.
  • 19. (Race against the clock) Complete the hoverboard trial.
  • 20. (Every picture tells a story) Find all 6 picture pieces. (Flimsy Hoverboard)
  • 21. (My brother Blaze) Vacuum 40 pinwheels, 30 blue rays, 50 rats and 40 mermaids.
  • 22. (Soul collector) Collect 2,000 souls.
  • 23. (Newly upgraded) Buy the starfighter set.
  • 24. (Game time?)Vacuum 35 spooky ghosts, 25 jelly ghosts, 25 blue ray ghosts and obtain 200 stopwatches.
  • 25. (Orange you glad...)Jump through the orange ring.
  • 26. (I'm a collector) Unbox three Tier 4 pets
  • 27. (Procuring a cure) Vacuum 40 pixie ghosts, 35 jester ghosts, 35 pinwheel ghosts and obtain 225 stopwatches.
  • 28. (Items from home) Obtain 50 stopwatches, 30 diamonds, 50 newspapers and 40 gold bars.
  • 29. (The soul trap) Obtain 4,000 souls.
  • 30. (Miniboss mania) Defeat a miniboss.
  • 31. (Hottest gear in town) Buy the RFT-87 set.
  • 32. (Ghost hunter training) Vacuum 45 jesters, 40 pinwheels, and 35 spooky ghosts.
  • 33. (You're the chosen one?) Vacuum 40 jellies, 35 blue rays and 30 pixies.
  • 34. (An extra pet slot and a warning?) Obtain 100 energy shards, 150 spirit particles and 200 stopwatches. (Extra Pet Slot)

Ghost Hunter Ace: (Ghost World)

  • Keymaster: Collect 1,000 gems from anywhere. (1 Crate Key)
  • Lock Unlock: Use a Crate Key on any pet crate. (1 Crate Key)
  • Key to the Truth: Unbox 3 pets from any pet crate. (3 Crate Keys)

Ghost Hunter Leo: (Castle Courtyard, Lower Deck)

  • Castle Courtyard: Vacuum 5 Rouge Ghosts. (1,000 Gems)
  • Preparing What Comes: Collect 2,000 Gems from anywhere. (2,000 Gems)
  • Return of the Knight: Vacuum 25 Knights Ghosts and 40 Rouge Ghosts. (2,250 Gems)
  • Crown Jewels: Vacuum 45 Rouges Ghosts and 20 Knight Ghosts and obtain 200 Royal Crowns. ( ? Gems)
  • Circle Of Light: Find and jump through the purple ring. (1,000 Gems)
  • Ghosts Don't Sparkle: Collect 3,000 gems from anywhere. (6,000 Gems)
  • Pet Wishlist: Unbox Pet Crate #5 once. (15,000 Gems)
  • Pawns in a Game: Collect 10,000,000 Ectoplasm from any ghost and obtain 250 Royal Crowns. (4,000 Gems)
  • Boss Boss Revolution: Defeat the Grim Miniboss once and any 3 bosses. (8 Grim Lootbags)
  • Get Up: Buy the Protector Vacuum and Pack. (2,000 Gems)
  • Testing the Upgrade: Vacuum 40 Rogue, 35 Pinwheel, 35 Jester and 30 Pixie Ghosts. (3,250 Gems)
  • Phantom Jailbreak: Find the Guard's Key in Castle Keep. (Magic Sword Hoverboard)
  • Parkour Master: Complete all the obbies in Blox City, Junkyard, Wild West, Mine and Beach and retrive all 5 clues. (4,000 Gems)
  • Clear The Courtyard: Vacuum 30 Wizzard Ghosts, 20 Knight Ghosts, and 45 Rouge Ghosts. (2,500 Gems)
  • Ruby Red: Find and jump through the red ring. (750 Gems)
  • Crest of Royalty: Vacuum 40 Wizzard ghosts, 25 Horse Ghosts, 25 Knight ghosts, and obtain 100 Goblets. (2,500 Gems)
  • Miniboss Hunt: Defeat a Miniboss twice(Have to change servers now that there's only one type now) (4 Grim Lootbags)
  • Soul Snatcher: Collect 3,000 Souls. (2,250 Gems)
  • Newly Upgraded: Buy the Super Volt gear set(1,750 Gems)
  • A Debt Owed: Obtain 300 Energy Shards, 140 Spirit Particles, 250 Stop Watches, and 200 Goblets. (2,500 Gems)
  • Royal Pets Unbox 2 Tier 5 pets. (30,000 gems) 
  • Cactus Chaos: Obtain 50 Sheriff Badges, 50 Meteorites, 50 Gold Bars, and 100 Artifacts. ( ? Gems)
  • Items Fit for a King: Obtain 50 Doubloons, Pearls and Diamonds each and 200 Goblets. (1,500 Gems)
  • Broken Transmissions: Find all 4 Fragment Pieces of the All-Purpose Device in Castle Courtyard(Search Upper Deck and Background. (Heavy Armor)

Ghost Hunter Jylan(Rift Shop area)(Added in Update 14)

  • 1. Lucky Crates: Unbox 3 Pets from Pet Crate #6 at the Ghost World Shop (2 Crate Keys)
  • 2. Stronger Still: Level up 3 pets to level 2 (3 Crate Keys)
  • 3. A team of pets: Unbox 15 pets from Pet Crate #4, #5, or #6 (3 Crate Keys)
  • 4. Pet-rafied By You: Unbox 3 Rare pets, 4 Uncommon pets and 5 Common pets from Pet Crate #4,#5 or #6 (3 Crate Keys, 2 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 5. Jylan's Secret Green Goo: Find Jylan's Jar of Green Goo in Ghost World (1 Crate Key, 2 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 6. Rare Town: Level any Legendary Pet to level 3 (3 Crate Keys)
  • 7. I Am Legendary: Level any Rare pet to Level 5 (5 Crate Keys, 1 Boss Bait)
  • 8. Legendary Status: Unbox 2 legendary pets from Pet Crate #4, #5 or #6 (5 Crate Keys, 6 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 9. I Am Legendary: Level up 2 Legendary pets to level 5 (5 Crate Keys, 2 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 10. Godly Grace: Unbox 1 Godly pet from Pet Crate #4, #5, or #6 (10 Crate Keys)
  • 11. Godly Level: Level any Godly pet to Level 5 (10 Crate Key, 3 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 12. Push it to the Max: Level up any pets to level 10 (10 Crate Key, 3 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 13. Gotta Collect'em All... Again?: Discover all pets from Pet Crate #4, #5 and #6 (Musical Mythical Pet)

Ghost Hunter Yoko(Castle Courtyard, Upper Deck) (Added in Update 13)

  • The Strong Will Win: Vacuum 30 Jester and Spooky Ghosts each, and 35 Jelly and Pixie Ghosts each.(2750 gems)
  • Pet Leveling: Vacuum 45 Rogue Ghosts, 40 Knight and Wizard ghosts each, and 30 Horse Ghosts (3000 gems)
  • Strength in Numbers: Level up any pet to Level 2. (1500 gems)
  • Boot Camp Yoko: Obtain 50 Royal Crowns, 50 Goblets, 45 Spirit Particals, and 45 Stopwatches  (3000 gems)
  • Pet Selection and Collection: Level any Pet to lv 4, and Collect 200,000,000 Ecto Plasm (2 Crate Keys)
  • Baddest Bosses Around: Defeat any 2 Minibosses, and Defeat any 5 Bosses (4 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • A Test of Strength: Vacuum 45 Pinwheel Ghosts, 40 Blue Ray Ghosts, 60 Explorer Ghosts, and 50 Penguin Ghosts. (4,000 Gems)
  • The Strange Symbol: Find the 1st Agents of Luna Symbol (Where one man's trash is another's treasure, you'll find the Symbol of the Night). (VROOM Hoverboard) (Interpretation: Trash can be found in Junkyard, Symbol is in Junkyard Biome)
  • A Small Distaction: Obtain 75 Meteorites, 65 Gold Ingots, 60 Doubloons and Pearls each. (2 Crate Keys)
  • Ring Hunter: Find and jump through the Green Rings at The Pyramids, Beach, Ghostly Islands, Orange ring at Ghostly Islands, and Yellow Ring at Castle Courtyard. (750 Gems)
  • Agents of Luna: Find the 2nd Agents of Luna Symbol (Riddle: Where dunes don't meet water, the yellow peak is what you seek.). (2,000 Gems) (Interpretation: Pyramids have yellow top and is found in deserts, the Symbol is visible from the top of the Pyramids)
  • Complete The Cycle: Defeat all the Bosses once (Ghastly Tree, George the Gorilla, Sludge, Subject One, King Krab and Magmaroug) (4 Forest, Sewer, and Volcano Boss Chests each)
  • 13. Preparing for the Truth: Vacuum 20 Street Cat, 70 Garbage Bin, 80 Rat and 50 Cowboy Ghosts (1 Crate Key)
  • 14. Luna's Truth: Find the 3rd Agents of Luna Symbol (Where a wooden vessel sleeps, look to the life below the living bridge). (2,000 Gems) (Interpretation: Sleeping vessel refers to sunken ship, and life in the water refers to underwater plants, Symbol is in Underwater Biome on one of the plants)
  • 15. The Coming Battle: Level up 1 pet to level 5, Level up 2 pets to level 7, Collect 2,000 Gems (2 Crate Keys)
  • 16. Testimony: Find the 4th Agents of Luna Symbol (Riddle: In the world of flight, reach the highest point to find Luna's might). (2,500 Gems) (Interpretation: The world refers to the Rift(excluding the Haunted Castle) since low gravity is there and highest point is the obby, Symbol is on top of the Rift Obby at its end)
  • 17. Chosen One: Level up 2 pets to level 10, Defeat 2 Minibosses, Defeat 3 Bosses (4 Sewer Boss Chests, Luna's Key, use it to unlock Secret Room)
    • 18. The Final Truth: Find the Final Agents of Luna Symbol (Riddle: A place where new Ghost Hunters join our ranks, the door of truth will be revealed), Find the Hoverboard Turbocharger in Luna's Room (Hoverboard Turbocharger, enabling/disabling can be done in settings after getting it) (Interpretation: New players of the game spawn in the Lab, Symbol is at Spawn)

Ghost Hunter Jax (Music Meadows) (Added in Update 15, can only be visited once the player has unlocked access to her area)

  • 1. Gem Jumble: Collect 5,000 Gems, Burn 50 items (1 Crate Key)
  • 2. Bongo Bongo: Vacuum 30 Bongo Ghosts, Collect 3,000 Gems (3,000 Gems, 4 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 3. Bongo Bongo: Vacuum 30 Blue Ray, 30 Jester, 40 Bongo, Collect 2,000 Gems (10,000 Gems) 
  • 4. Ring Ring: Jump through the Red ring at Music Meadow, Green and Orange rings at Ghostly Islands and Yellow ring at Castle Courtyard ( 3 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 5. Confession: Collect 20,000 Souls, 2,000 Gems, Burn 100 Items (4 Volcano Boss Chests, 1 Crate Key)
  • 6. Sound of the Past, Vacuum 30 Bongo, 20 Yellow Notes, 40 Pinwheel, 40 Jelly (10,000 Gems)
  • 7. Changing Chimes: Obtain 50 Music Sheets, 70 Royal Crowns, 60 Stopwatches, 70 Energy Shards ( 2 Crate Keys)
  • 8. Junkyard Takeover: Collect 60 Garbage Bins, Obtain 40 Tires, Burn 180 Items, Complete the Junkyard Obstacle Course (10,000 Gems, 2 Crate Keys)
  • 9. Sabotage: Unbox 2 pets from Pet Crate #6, Level up 2 pets to level 4 (3 City Boss Chests, 2 Crate Keys)
  • 10. Music Hunter: Find the Green Music Note in the Junkyard, Wild West, Underwater, Forest and Music Meadows (Starboard)
  • 11. Upgradin': Buy the Gas Vacuum and Gas Pack (10,000 Gems, 1 Crate Key)
  • 12. Bongo Bongo: Vacuum 45 Bongo, 40 Yellow Note, 45 DJ, Collect 3,000 Gems (10,000 Gems, 1 Crate Key)
  • 13. Boss Baiter: Defeat Ghastly Tree once, George the Gorilla once, Sludge once, King Krab once, Magmoraug once (2 Boss Baits,3 City Boss Chests, 3 Volcano Boss Chests)
  • 14. New Home New Band: Vacuum 45 Bongo, 40 Yellow Note, 50 DJ, Obtain 125 Music Sheets (3 Crate Keys)
  • 15. Pet Bet: Unbox 2 pets from Pet Crate #6, Level up 2 pets to level 7 (10,000 Gems, 1 Crate Key)
  • 16. I Was in a Band: Vacuum 40 Bongo, DJ and Purple Note ghosts each and 30 Yellow Note ghosts (11,000 Gems)
  • 17. Upgrading for Music: Buy the Gem Vacuum and Gem Pack (3 Crate Keys)
  • 18. Jammin' Pets: Unbox 3 pets from Pet Crate #6 and Level up any 2 pets to level 10 (3 Beach Boss chest and 1 Crate Key)
  • 19. The Offer: Vacuum 40 Bongo, 45 DJ, and 40 Purple Note Ghosts. Burn 200 items in the Incinerator at the Junkyard (5 Grim Lootbags)
  • 20. The Final Decision: Find the Purple Music Note in Blox City, the Beach, the Mine, the Forest and in Music Meadows. (Popstar Pet)

Ghost Hunter Fern (Haunted Castle ) Added in Update 17

  • 1. Chills like Vines: Vacuum 15 Viney Ghosts (1 Crate Key)
  • 2. Crafting The Key: Unbox 1 Pet from Pet Crate #7 (10,000 Gems)
  • 3. Blooming Vines: Vacuum 20 Viney and 10 Blooming Ghosts (10,000 Gems)
  • 4. Pet Rumble: Level Up any pet to level 3 (10,000 Gems)
  • 5. Secret Ingredient: Vacuum 25 Viney, 15 Blooming and Obtain 40 Sugar Sprouts (2 Crate Keys)
  • 6. Tools for Cooking?: Vacuum 15 Adventurer, Obtain 30 Sugar Sprouts, Obtain 30 Watering Cans (4 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 7. Ring Dancer: Jump through the Red, Yellow, Purple and Green Ring at Castle (10,000 Gems)
  • 8. Ecto-Tasko: Collect 250,000,000 Ectoplasms from any ghost (2 Crate Keys)
  • 9. Mega-Boss: Defeat any Miniboss twice (4 Grim Lootbags)
  • 10. Castle Siege: Vacuum 20 Wizards, 15 Vineys, 15 Adventurers, Obtain 35 Watering Cans (4 Volcano Boss Chests)
  • 11. Boot Camp Fern: Complete the Junkyard and Mine Obby (2 Crate Keys)
  • 12. It's So Fluffy!: Unbox 1 pet from Pet Crate #4,#5,#6 and #7 (35,000 Gems)
  • 13. Fixing the Mixing Bowl: Find the Mixing Bowl in Haunted Castle (1 Crate Key, 2 Sewer Boss Chests)
  • 14. Sneak Thief: Complete the Haunted Castle Obby and retrieve the Coin (2 Crate Keys)
  • 15. Castle Courtier: Vacuum 20 Horse, 15 Blooming, 15 Dragonfly and Obtain 35 Sugar Sprouts (20,000 Gems)
  • 16. So Bossy: Defeat any boss 5 times (2 Boss Baits, 3 Beach Boss Chests)
  • 17. Pet Trainer: Level up any pet to Level 5 (1 Crate Key)
  • 18. Program Tricks: Vacuum 20 Jester, 20 Pinwheel, 20 Dragonfly and Obtain 35 Watering Cans (5 Forest Boss Chests)
  • 19. Ghost Pet Master: Level up any 2 pets to level 5 (2 Crate Keys)
  • 20. Burn Baby Burn: Burn 100 Items in the Incinerator at the Junkyard, Collect 5,000 Gems (20,000 Gems)
  • 21. In Another Castle: Get Agent Luna's Key from Ghost Hunter Yoko, Collect Luna's Tablet from Agent Luna's Room (Very Important Item(Food for Gatekeeper), Vineshaft Hoverboard)

Ghost Hunter Liz (Blox City) Added in Update 18

  • 1.I'm a Hoot: Vacuum 5 Fairy and 3 Owl ghosts (20 Gems)
  • 2.No Cattin'Around: Vacuum 2 Street Cat ghosts, Obtain 3 Newspapers (40 Gems)
  • 3.Mission for Power: Vacuum 5 Fairy and Businessmen ghosts each. (Hypnotize Pet)

Gatekeeper (Haunted Castle) Added in Update 18

  • 1. Gatekeeper: Vacuum 15 Viney and Explorer ghosts each (1 Crate Key)
  • 2. Silence Statue: Vacuum 15 Blooming, 15 Dragonfly (10,000 Gems)
  • 3. Speak Man, Speak!: Unbox 1 pet from Pet Crate #4, #5, #6 or #7 (3 Beach Boss Chests)
  • 4. Nothing: Defeat any boss once ( 4 City Boss Chess)
  • 5. Poke Him, I Dare You!: Obtain 20 Sugar Sprouts, 20 Watering Cans (1 Crate Key)
  • 6. Finally! : Check the Vending Machine for Food, Obtain some Food(Fern's Very Important Item) from Ghost Hunter Fern's Questline(finish all her quests) (Photon Blaster, Guardian's Key, 1 Crate Key)
  • 7. Great Guardian : Defeat the Great Guardian Mega-Boss once (2 Crate Keys, Datalink)

(Backdoor section coming soon)

Hoverboard Skins

  • Common Basic Hoverboard (Unlock the Hoverboard from Ghost Hunter Adam in Blox City.)
  • Common Moon Rider (Purchase Moon Rider from the Space Shop.)
  • Common Hot (Redeeming the code HOV3R.)
  • Common Race Cart (Unboxing it from the Core Crate.)
  • Common EXplore (Unboxing it from the Hovearboard Crate #1)
  • Common Chocolate (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #2)
  • Common X-ORANGE (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #3)
  • Common Purple Stacks (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #4)
  • Uncommon Red Camo Board (Fight all bosses at least once.)
  • Uncommon Ecto-board (Collect 1,000,000 ectoplasm while riding a hoverboard.)
  • Uncommon Watermelon Board (Collect gems from bonus chests 10 times.)
  • Uncommon Moon Rock (Purchase Moon Rock in the Space Shop.)
  • Uncommon Maple (Open Pet Crate #4 5 times.)
  • Uncommon Candy (Collect 250 items from the Ghost World.)
  • Uncommon Memory (Collect 1,500 Souls)
  • Uncommon Leafy (Unboxing it from the Core Crate.)
  • Uncommon White Out (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard #1)
  • Uncommon Strawberry (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard #2)
  • Uncommon X-PINK (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #3)
  • Uncommon Green Stacks (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #4)
  • Rare Thunder Board (Open 50 pet boxes.)
  • Rare Tie Dye Board (Collect 5,000 items.)
  • Rare Flimsy (Complete Ghost Hunter Shelly's questline in Ghost World.)
  • Rare Stardust (Purchase Stardust in the Space Shop.)
  • Rare Northern Lights (Vacuum 100 Spooky Ghosts in the Ghostly Islands.)
  • Rare Goldie (Vacuum 100 Pixle Ghosts in the Ghostly Islands.)
  • Rare Scales (Unboxing it from the Core Crate.)
  • Rare Pursuit (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #1)
  • Rare Sprinkles (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #2)
  • Rare Shield (Redeeming the code SHIELD)
  • Rare X-TEAL (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #3)
  • Rare Red Stacks (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #4)
  • Rare Flox (Unboxing it from Mega-Boss chest.)
  • Rare Sunrize (Unboxing it from Mega-Boss chest.)
  • Legendary Logboard (Find Logboard in a Forest Boss Chest.)
  • Legendary Sk8board (Find Sk8board in a City Boss Chest.)
  • Legendary Alien Board (Find Alien Board in a Wild West Boss Chest.)
  • Legendary Surfboard (Find Surfboard in a Beach Boss Chest.)
  • Legendary Flameboard (Find Flameboard in a Volcano Boss Chest.)
  • Legendary Royal (Find Royal in Grim Lootbag.)
  • Legendary XBoard (Find all of the developers around the map.)
  • Legendary Chromaboard (Upgrade your antenna to Lvl 10.)
  • Legendary Fishbone (Purchase for 100,000,000 Ecto-tokens.)
  • Legendary Star Fleet (Purchase Star Fleet in the Space Shop.)
  • Legendary Trippy (Defeat the Grim Miniboss 10 Times)
  • Legendary Magic Sword (Unlock the Magic Sword in Ghost Hunter Leo's questline.)
  • Legendary VROOM (Unlock the VROOM in Ghost Hunter Yoko's questline)
  • Legendary Swamp Glider (Unlock it in Ghost Hunter Gab3's questline)
  • Legendary Giant Butterfly (Unboxing it from the Core Crate.)
  • Legendary Quad (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard #1)
  • Legendary Lolly (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard #2)
  • Legendary FOOREX (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #3)
  • Legendary Off-Road (Unboxing it from Hoverboard Crate #4)
  • Legendary Halogen (Unboxing it from Mega-Boss chest.)
  • Legendary BONE (Finding BONE in a Dinosaur King Lootbag.)
  • Legendary Doodle (Purchase for 1,000,000 Souls)
  • Legendary Mystic (Purchase for 10,000,000 Souls)
  • Legendary Jet Stream (Purchase for 1,000,000,000 ectocoins.)
  • Godly Magma Slab (Complete Ghost Hunter Blaze's questline in the Volcano.)
  • Godly Hyperspace (Complete Ghost Hunter Luna's questline in the Forest.)
  • Godly Vineshaft (Complete Ghost Hunter Fern's questline in the Haunted Castle.)
  • Godly Starboard (Complete Ghost Hunter Jax's questline in Music meadows.)
  • Godly Youtuber Board (Be YouTuber rank in the group and enter the code YOUTUBE.)
  • Godly Ace (Find Ace in a Grim Lootbag.)
  • Godly Space Ship (Purchase Space Ship in the Space Shop.)
  • Godly Spike (Unboxing it from the Core Crate.)
  • Godly Nest  (Find Nest in a Dinosaur King Lootbag.)
  • Godly Twin Thrusters (Unboxing it from Hoverboard Crate #1)
  • Godly Ice Cream Sammy (Unboxing it from Hoverboard Crate #2)
  • Godly XENON (Unboxing it from the Hoverboard Crate #3)
  • Godly Warpdrive (Unboxing it from Mega-Boss chest.)
  • Godly Shards (Purchase for 100,000,000 Souls)
  • Godly Airplane (Purchase for 1,000,000,000 Souls)
  • Godly Lifecycle (Purchase for 1,000,000,000,000 Ecto-tokens)
  • Godly Flight (Purchase for 100,000,000,000 Ecto-tokens)
  • Godly BOOST (Purchase for 10,000,000,000 Ecto-tokens)
  • Mythical Splice (Purchase for 10,000,000,000,000 Ecto-tokens)
  • Mythical Ghostly (Purchase for 10,000,000,000 Souls)
  • Classified Gem Ship (Find Gem Ship in a Boss Chest.)
  • Classified Feather Shock (Unboxing it from Hoverboard Crate #1)
  • (Other Classifieds and Corrupteds coming soon)

Unlockable skills

Hoverboard Technology: Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Adam's Quests, gives you a speedboost and lets you dodge several of the many bosses attacks.

Magnetism: Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Jesse's Quests, you don't need to hover over any items, they automatically move into your inventory when you vacuum a ghost.

Multiple Streams: Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Captain Finsley's Quests,  allowing you to suck up at most 3 ghosts at a time instead of 1. (You still have to manually click the ghosts individually to vacuum it)

Extra Pet Slot: Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Shelly's Quests, you can now equip 1 more pet. (Pretty self-explanatory)

Heavy Armor: Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Leo's Quest, you will become invulnerable to bosses attacks.

Bo's Friendship: Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Bo's Quests (Dinosaur Land, Haunted Mansion and North Pole), has no effect

Turbocharger: Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Yoko's Quests, greatly increases hoverboard speed(by about twice)

Photon Blaster : Obtainable by completing Gatekeeper's 6th quest, allows you to destroy a mega boss's shield AND attack any ghost from far away (attacks cannot KO the ghost, minimum 1 HP left that you have to vacuum) Bo's

Halloween Spirit: Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Bo's Quests(Halloween Mansion), has no effect

Jetpack : Obtainable by completing all of Ghost Hunter Riley's Quests, greatly increases your vertical mobility.

(Other questline skills coming soon)


Pet Crate  1

​​​​​​(Commons): Pug, Fox, Cow, Pig.                 Time boost: 1.14—Ecto boost: 1.03

(Uncommons): Mouse, Deer, Wolf.                Time boost: 1.22—Ecto boost: 1.04

(Rares): Duck, Unicorn.                        Time boost: 1.45—Ecto boost: 1.09

(Legendary): Bat.                              Time boost: 1.90—Ecto boost: 1.18

(Godly): Lantern.                              Timeboost: 2.80—Ecto boost: 1.36

(Classified): Rainwave.                        Timeboost: 13.50—Ecto boost: 3.50

Pet Crate 2

(Commons): Bear, White Cat, Cyborg, Horse.    Time boost: 1.36—Ecto boost: 1.09


(Uncommons): Fish, Chicken, Giraffe.          Time boost: 1.54—Ecto boost: 1.13


(Rares): Bob, Butterfly.                      Time boost: 2.08—Ecto boost :1.27

(Legendary): Peacock.                         Time boost: 3.16—Ecto boost: 1.54


(Godly): The Hand.                            Time boost: 5.32—Ecto boost: 2.08

(Classified): Twister.                        Time boost: 31.00—Ecto boost: 8.50

Pet Crate 3

Commons: Flamingo, Black Cat, Bot, Dino.    Time boost: 1.60—Ecto boost: 1.18

Uncommons: Clownfish, Panda, Bee.           Time boost: 1.90—Ecto boost: 1.18


Rares: Shark, Steve.                        Time boost: 2.80—Ecto boost: 1.54

Legendary: Magic Rabbit.                    Time boost: 4.59—Ecto boost: 2.08


Godly: Dragon.                              Time boost: 8.19—Ecto boost: 3.16  

Classified: Sunny.                          Time boost: 51.00—Ecto boost: 16.00

Pet Crate 4

Commons: Boo, Noob, Dusty Owl, Dart.        Time boost: 2.04—Ecto boost: 1.36

Uncommons: Shells, Turkey, Fury.            Time boost: 2.57—Ecto boost: 1.54

Rares: Firefish, Nightmare.                 Time boost: 4.15—Ecto boost: 2.08

Legendary: Daydream.                        Time boost: 7.30—Ecto boost: 3.16

Godly: Reflector.                           Time boost: 13.60—Ecto boost: 5.32

Classified: Zing.                           Time boost: 88.50—Ecto boost: 31.00

Pet Crate 5

Commons: Diamond, Clovers, Spades, Hearts.  Time boost: 2.62—Ecto boost: 1.69

Uncommons: Footman, Spirit, Queen.          Time boost: 3.43—Ecto boost: 2.03

Rares: Godmother, Jack.                     Time boost: 5.86—Ecto boost: 3.07

Legendary: King.                            Time boost: 10.72—Ecto boost: 5.14

Godly: Metalhead.                          Time boost: 20.44—Ecto boost: 9.27

Classified: Splash.                         Time boost: 136.00—Ecto boost: 58.50

Pet Crate 6

Commons: Starry, Amore, Mint, Droplet.      Time boost: 3.10—Ecto boost: 1.90

Uncommons: Springball, Dizzy, Chi.          Time boost: 4.15—Ecto boost: 2.35

Rares: Dash, Fireball.                      Time boost: 7.30—Ecto boost: 3.70

Legendary: Sway.                            Time boost: 13.60—Ecto boost: 6.40

Godly: Blob.                                Time boost: 26.20—Ecto boost: 11.80

Classified: Prism.                          Time boost: 176.00—Ecto boost : 76.00

Pet Crate 7

Commons: Thorns, Pebbles, Twinkles, Torch. Time boost: 3.70—Ecto boost: 2.14

Uncommons: Seaweed, Razor, Ribbons.        Time boost: 5.05—Ecto boost: 2.71

Rares: Trickster, Hopper.                  Time boost: 9.10—Ecto boost: 4.42

Legendary: Echo.                           Time boost: 17.20—Ecto boost: 7.84

Godly: Cosmic.                             Time boost: 37.60—Ecto boost: 14.68

Classified: Hailstorm.                     Time boost: 226.0-- Ecto boost: 96.0

Moon Crate (Event)

Common: Ayleein                             Time boost: 1.84 —- Ecto boost: 1.27

Uncommon:  Nightlight                      Time boost: 2.25 —- Ecto boost: 1.40

Rare:  Oracle                              Time boost: 3.52 —- Ecto boost: 1.81

Legendary: Brainy                           Time boost: 6.04 —- Ecto boost: 2.62

Godly: Gemstone                             Time boost: 11.08 —- Ecto boost: 4.24

Dino Crate (Event)

Common: Rex                                 Time Boost: 2.20 —- Ecto boost: 1.48

Uncommon: Tritops                           Time Boost: 2.80 —- Ecto boost: 1.72

Rare: Scales                                Time Boost: 4.59 —- Ecto Boost: 2.44

Legendary: Water Dancer                     Time boost: 8.19 —- Ecto boost: 3.88

Godly: Skelly                               Timeboost: 15.40 —- Ecto boost: 6.76

Great Guardian Mega Boss Pets (1 Key) (obtainable by defeating The Great Guardian)

Rare: Hades                                 Time boost: 11.80 —- Ecto Boost: 5.14

Rare: Slick                                 Time boost: 11.80 —- Ecto Boost: 5.14

Legendary: Golden                           Time boost: 22.60 —- Ecto boost: 9.27

Godly: Debug                                Time boost: 44.20—Ecto boost: 17.55

Great Guardian Mega Boss Pets (250 Key) (obtainable by defeating The Great Guardian)

Mythical: Mini Guardian                     Time boost: ??? -- Ecto boost: ???


1. Godly Glitter pet - 800 Robux (Time Boost: 73.00—Ecto Boost: 29.80)

2. Legendary board - 400 Robux

3. Godly Diamond Wing Hoverboard - 650 Robux

Game passes

Name Description Cost in Robux
2x Souls Doubles the ectoplasm conversion rate 350 
Double Items Doubles the number of items that drop from ghosts! 500
Quick Unbox Unlocks a button that allows you to instantly see the result of opening a pet crate! 150
2x Gems Doubles the amount of gems that drop from ghosts! 650
Double Luck Improves the chance to unbox rarer pets, doubling the chances for Legendary and Godly pets! 600
2x Ecto-Tokens Doubles the conversion rate of Ectoplasm to Ecto-Tokens! 450
+70 Pet Storage       Increases the number of pets you can store by 70!  250
Double Range Doubles the range of your vacuum! 200
More Agility Allows you walk faster and jump higher! 150
+2 Pet Slots Increases the number of pets you can equip by 2! 500
Auto Unbox Unlocks the ability to unbox pet crates continuously! When paired with Quick Unbox, you will auto-unbox faster! 250
+150 Pet Storage   Increases the number of pets you can store by 150! 400


1. 2x Luck Event: Everybody was given x2 Luck in Pet Crates during a weekend from June 14 to June 16 (unconfirmed, but possible). The Double Luck Gamepass also stacked with the x2 Luck Event which meant people who had that game pass during the event had x4 Luck.

2. Space Event: A UFO with a green beam in the Forest appeared, which took people who entered its green beam to Space. Space had a special currency called "Moon Shards", which was obtainable through vacuuming the ghosts in that area. There were two types of ghosts there, but their names are unconfirmed. The astronaut-looking ghost has 500 health and the three-eyed alien ghost has 750 health. Space also had hoverboards that were purchasable using Moon Shards which were the Moon Rider (Common) for 50 Moon Shards, Moon Rock (Uncommon) for 125 Moon Shards, Stardust (Rare) for 300 Moon Shards, Starfleet (Legendary) for 1,000 Moon Shards and the Space Ship (Godly) for 2,500 Moon Shards. Space also had a pet crate named as the Moon Crate with 5 pets in it, each was named as Ayleein (Common), Nightlight (Uncommon), Oracle (Rare), Brainy (Legendary) and Gemstone (Godly), and it cost 75 Moon Shards or 1 Mythical Crate Key. It has started on the 21st of June and has ended on July 19.

3. Dinosaur Event: A dinosaur nest in the Forest appeared, which took people who entered it to Dino Land. Dino Land has a currency called "Dino Eggs", which is obtainable through vacuuming the ghosts in that area. There are 4 types of ghosts there, the Caveman and Cavewoman, each having 500 health and the Blue and Yellow Dino, each having 1,100 health. Dino Land also has a shop that has a pet crate named as the Dino Crate which had 5 pets in it, each are named as Rex (Common), Tritops (Uncommon), Scales (Rare), Water Dancer (Legendary) and Skeley (Godly), which cost 75 Dino Eggs to open, and the first Hoverboard Crate ingame called the Core Crate which had 5 hoverboards in it, each is named Race Cart (Common), Leafy (Uncommon), Scales (Rare), Giant Butterfly (Legendary), and Spike (Godly), which cost 125 Dino Eggs or to open. Dino Land also has the second miniboss ingame which was called the Dinosaur King which looks like a pterodactyl. The difference between it and other bosses is that it changes position after it attacks 3 times upon reaching a new spot(there are 5).  The miniboss dropped a Dinosaur King Loot bag, which gave some eggs and possibly a legendary BONE hoverboard or a godly Nest hoverboard. There is also a quest giver called Ghost Hunter Bo, who looked like a gentleman ghost. Ghost Hunter Bo has 19 quests to give and at the final few quests, he gives a few Mythical Crate Keys as a reward for doing some quests. In the final quest, he gives you Bo's Friendship, 3 Mythical Crate Keys, and 2 Dinosaur King Loot bags. The event has started on July 19, when the Space Event ended and has ended on August 30. His complete photo for the final quest is viewable in the Secret Room.

4. Haunted Mansion: A Halloween themed biome that can only be accessed by waiting at the trolley green pad in the Forest since Update 22. Ghost Hunter Bo is back, and his final reward is a bat-like version of himself(Spooky Bo). Vampire and Scarecrow ghosts are present while Bo's photo pieces for his final quest, Soul Caster and Bat ghosts in the likeliness of the Pet Crate 1's Legendary Pet can be found in the haybale maze. The obby is accessible by getting onto the haybales(which may have tiny platforms to get up top. The Megaboss Hunt is accessible here, where the player(s) involved have to vacuum all ghosts while dodging their projectiles. (Note: As you get more damaged, the corrupted bar fills up, and its recommended that players MUST be able to use Hoverboard before attempting this especially for the Megaboss)  Vampires and Scarecrows will appear in Room 1 and 2, while Soul Casters and Bats appear in Rooms 3 and 4. The number of ghosts that appear in each room is 15, 25, 35 and 50 respectively. Be especially careful with the 2nd pair of ghosts as the number of ghosts that might chase you CAN EXCEED TEN, to prevent the projectiles from hitting, always keep on running(not recommended to use hoverboard here) and your pets might shield you from the projectiles(doesn't work on Mobile).

The final room is where the Megaboss Headless Hallow is fought. To defeat it, use Photon Blasters to break its shield and attack(you may use vacuum up close for faster damage). The shield will come on automatically after a few seconds of being disabled or when thirds of its health are gone. In the 1st phase, it might swoop up and teleport somewhere in the few seconds of darkness before clapping an explosion and would deal 10% corruption if the player is caught, use the homing photon shots to see where it goes to in the dark. Hallows might just home chase on someone, dealing 10% corruption if hit. It might use its Skelly pet-like left-hand to fire a ground shockwave that also hits those on hoverboard dealing 15% corruption. In the next phase, it will still use all its moves but now it might unleash its Skelly hand at a targeted player, returning after 10 seconds but will cause 10% corruption if it manages to catch up. Its final phase stops using all the abovementioned attacks but will now summon 9 copies of its right hand to shoot up from the ground, dealing 7% corruption each and will send the victim flying vertically for a brief moment(this replaces its ground shockwave). Now, the final 2 attacks that will be described below are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Hallows will fire either a green laser that will eventually reach the player or a grey one that drags one towards it. To dodge the grey one, don't use the board and instead run as fast as possible away from the boss, if failed, you will take 35% corruption from being eaten by Skelly. You have to be really lucky to dodge the green laser it deals lots of damage to you by going around it in circles. So once Headless Hallow is defeated, go through the portal that opens up and sell your ectoplasm for ectotokens. Warning: If your corruption bar fills up completely, you will not get any plasm at all. Also, your ectoplasm collected here will not move over to the normal areas. MOST IMPORTANTLY: If Megaboss isn't defeated... The Hunt will still carry on, even if EVERYONE LOSES, causing a glitch. Otherwise, the hunt is the PERFECT way to progress on Bo's new questline since the many ghosts there will drop lots of candy. For the Skeleton Chest unlocking though... It's up to your skill in taking down Headless Hallow. There's another Mega-Boss that is released before this, titled Great Guardian, but it's locked up in Haunted Castle under the Gatekeeper questline.

All Bosses

Normal Bosses(10 mins intermission, 5 mins battle)

1. Ghastly Tree

2. George the Gorilla

3. Sludge

4. Subject One

5. King Crab

6. Magmoroug

Generally, these bosses have similar attacks, making ground shockwaves that will knock players on the ground away, produce homing projectiles and levitate multiple players before throwing them back in an explosion. However, Magmaroug might blow a flamy breath.


1. Grim

2. Anomaly

3. Dinosaur King(only during the Dinoland Event)

These three are just like normal bosses but they spawn irregularly. After attacking thrice from a certain fixed spot, Dinosaur King would fly off to one of the other four fixed spots at random.

Mega bosses

1. Great Guardian

2. Headless Hallow (only during Halloween event 2019)

3. The Timber Scrooge (only during Christmas event 2019)

4. Fluffy (only during Easter event)

5. The Final Boss

6.The Nutcracker (only during Christmas event 2020)


8.Frankie(only during Halloween event 2020)

These ones are really dangerous and require good control of the players and their photon blasters. Both bosses will have a shield that players must bust using the blasters and can move around the arena. Both are able to chase a target and use traction or damaging lasers to deal lots of damage. Both are also able to target multiple enemies with the former blasting explosive laser arrows from its shoulder guns while the latter uses its hand copies to strike from the ground and fire a circular shockwave that also affects those using hoverboards.

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