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Bloxgiving 2017 is a Roblox event that started on November 15, 2017, and ended on November 28th, 2017. There are 3 games sponsored and 6 items you can earn altogether. This event is sponsored by the "McDonald's Happy Meal".


Gather around, fellow Robloxians—it's time for a feast of games and prizes! We’re kicking off our seasonal Bloxgiving event with a cornucopia of fun-filled games to play and savory missions to complete! From now until November 28, you and your friends can experience a brand new Thanksgiving-themed twist in three popular games on Roblox: Design It!, Rollernauts, and ROBLOX High School. Complete the missions below and earn exclusive items on Roblox now!




Design It!
Design It 2017 Thankgiving Thumbnail
Rollernauts 2017 Thankgiving Thumbnail
ROBLOX High School
ROBLOX High School 2017 Thankgiving Thumbnail






Turkey Head Design It!
Turkey Head
Wear 3 Bloxgiving Themed Clothes on a Bloxgiving round.

(Note: You must play each Bloxgiving round for Bloxgiving Themed Clothes)

Turkey Tail Design It!
Turkey Tail
Vote for the 1st-place winner in a round.
Cornucopia Blaster Rollernauts
Cornucopia Blaster
Win 5 times on the new Bloxgiving level.
Owl Buddy Rollernauts
Owl Buddy
Feed the giant turkey in the middle of the new map with five pieces of food. Activate the power-up, and win the round.
Turkey Friend ROBLOX High School
Turkey Friend
Pass all 3 Bloxgiving tests in History, Math, and Art class.
Pilgrim Hat ROBLOX High School
2017 Pilgrim Hat
Complete your training with Coach Clark (In the Gym) and perform at the school's Bloxgiving pep rally to earn the title of School Mascot.


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  • This is the first time that "Rollernauts" got featured for an event.
  • Just like with Egg Hunt 2017, ROBLOX Summer Games 2017, Balance Your Fun!, and Atlantis, this event is sponsored by "McDonald's Happy Meal" and doesn't have any Happy Meal related items with the sponsor.
  • In addition to this event, many games updated their games with thumbnail changes and possibly even name changes just for the BLOXgiving 2017 event.
  • This is the third event which was sponsored by McDonald's Happy Meal, with the first being Egg Hunt 2017 and the second being Balance Your Fun!.


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