Boho Salon is a roleplay salon group owned by Lalakiela. Boho Salon is known for its main game Boho Salon V3 and its rapid growth in late 2016. Boho Salon hit the front page and gained over 300k members in the span of a few months, which caused people to speculate that they had botted members. Their slogan is "where the weaves start!".


Although there are specific ranks for each service offered at Boho Salon, every employee can work any service offered at the salon.

Rank Description
Guest Ranks Client Customers at the salon. They can play the games, but they are not allowed to post on the group wall
Suspended People who are suspended from their rank for a chosen period of time, or forever, depending on the offense.
Low Ranks Tattoo Artist Employees who draw tattoos on clients.
Children Career Employees who care for children in the salon.
Hair Dresser Employees who style/cut the clients' hair.
Receptionist Employees who help clients book appointments.
Designer Employees who give customers new clothing.
Make-Up Artist Employees who apply makeup to clients.
Nail technician Employees who do client's manicures and pedicures.
Wash & Dry Service Employees who wash and dry clients' hair.
Middle Ranks Senior Stylist Employees who have mastered their hair cutting and styling skills and have earned 1,000 in-game points. Usually, this is the only rank that can apply for HR.
High ranks Management Team Newset members of the HR team who help manage the group.
General Managers Trusted members of the HR team who help manage the group with a few more permissions.
Executive Executive members of the HR team, seen as role models of the HR team.
Head of Designers Design clothes to be sold in the group store, not considered a High Rank as they only have designing abilities and not admin control.
Senior High ranks Vice President Advisors to the presidents, manage internal relations with HR.
President Presidents manage every rank below them and help coordinate the group's functions.
Co-Founder Co-Owner of the group, manages internal relations with SHR.
Founder Owner and founder of the group



At the salon customers can make an appointment for a new hairdo, a new look, a complete makeover, or even a relaxing spa day. Employees fulfill the customers requests by doing what was asked of them on their appointment card.


When the salon fell into brief period of inactivity due to renovations and preparations for the next version of the salon after the resignation of their first scripter, FrankieTheDino, Boho came out with a café style game for group members to play, which was a build previous used for the group Chicken Express. Customers could order food and drinks. The employees would stand behind the counter and fulfill customer orders and earn points for doing so.

Team Games

Boho Salon Team Games is where admins of Boho Salon will host questionnaires and have tournaments for group members to play in. 2 teams will play against each other in minigame-style and trivia competitions that are controlled and hosted by admins.

Boho Dance

Boho Dance is a place where High Ranks host events such as concerts and minigames, separate from Team Games. Performers such as Pinkpop and ZTS have performed here for the community.

BLOXY Awards

Boho Salon and Boho Salon V3 were nominated for "Favorite Social Group" and "Favorite Breakout Game" during the 2016 BLOXY Awards. Boho Salon was later nominated for "Best Social Group" and "Favorite Clothing Company" during the 2017 BLOXY Awards. Again in 2018, Boho Salon was nominated for "Favorite Clothing Company" and won. The Boho Salon victory was highly criticized, as Boho Salon is not a clothing company and is instead a roleplay group.

The Hacking Incident

In May 2017, a rogue staff member was able to gain access to Boho Salon's owner's account after the owner gave the staff member her password. This gave the person full access to the group. After stealing the owners limited items, they then proceeded to de-rank all of the group's High Ranks, change the group owner to themselves or a friend, and shut down the game.  This was effectively the downfall of Boho Salon, as neither the group or game have been as popular ever since. The group managed to slightly recover in recent months, but since then the Salon has never been fully readded as the two of their scripters have since resigned and removed the required assets from the game. Other Salon games have come out, but have only been out for weeks at a time for unknown reasons, usually without any scripts. The group lost over 100,000 members and dipped to below 1,000,000 members, but has since regained many of those members and now has over 1,067,000 members. The group has just very recently released a new salon; Boho Salon V4, though not as popular as the first released, and has lost a great amount of players due to this incident, as well as their bad reputation and being inactive for almost a year.


Boho Salon has received much criticism from players. This includes criticism for not having a dedicated Salon game for over a year, as most of the new salon games are up for short periods of time. Other criticism spans the lack of maturity from the owner and HRs who have occasionally attacked people using the group shout. A previous developer for the group, TheSharkyDev, has accused the owner of stealing his limiteds to fund ads for the group, and the former Co-Owner, MissShu, has also accused the owner of scamming him and being disrespectful.


Boho Salon has a Discord server open to everyone of all ranks. Here, members can speak to other staff of the Salon, participate in Questions of the Day, post pictures of their salon achievements, request clothing for Head of Designers to make as Boho Salon clothes, and see announcements from allies. Members of the Discord can also participate in Discord-only events, such as Karaoke and Movie Nights. If someone were to contact an HR or SHR, this is the best way to reach them.

Social Media

Boho Salon currently has two social media pages - Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, users can participate in story polls and give their feedback on the salon, as well as see pictures from events. Twitter is more for announcements, with more posts than Instagram with the goal of announcing important notices to the community.

Instagram: BohoSalonRBLX

Twitter: RealBohoSalon

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