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Ice Cream Simulator is a simulator game created by Buck-A-Boo Games.

Players must click to create scoops of ice cream on a cone, and once they reach the maximum amount of scoops that they can hold, they can go up to the ice cream truck to sell their scoops of ice cream and start the process over again. Players can also go to the shop to buy different ice cream flavors and different cones.


New Years Area (10 Mil Rebirths) Underworld (100k) Rebirths


  • Super Sprint
  • Double Coins
  • Triple Coins
  • Fast Lick
  • Infinite Scoops
  • VIP
  • Super Jump
  • Auto Click
  • Double Tokens
  • Triple Tokens
  • Mr.Shine Pet
  • Double Gems
  • Double Pet XP
  • Triple Pet XP
  • Lucky Boost


  • Thanks For Playing!
  • 100 Scoops
  • 1,000 Scoops
  • 10,000 Scoops
  • 100,000 Scoops
  • Million Scoops
  • Ten Million Scoops
  • Hundred Million Scoops
  • Cookie Obby
  • Spooky Obby
  • Ghostly Obby
  • Toy Obby
  • Jungle Obby
  • Midnight Obby
  • Slime Obby
  • Poltergeist Obby
  • Demonic Obby
  • Oktober Obby
  • Horror Obby
  • Terror Obby
  • Nightmare Obby
  • Mischief Obby
  • Doom Obby
  • Sky Tower - Level 1
  • Sky Tower - Level 2
  • Sky Tower - Level 3
  • Sky Tower - Level 4
  • Sky Tower - Level 5
  • Fire Pit Obby
  • Water Cave Obby
  • Secret Forest Obby
  • Solar Temple Obby
  • Sky Fairy Obby


Hats can be obtained buying hats crate in the Hats Shop, Airship, Freezeville, Underworld.

Hats Tier/Rarity

  • Common Hats
  • Uncommon Hats
  • Rare Hats
  • Legendary Hats
  • Mythical Hats
  • Winged Hats
  • Magical Hats
  • Winged Christmas Hats
  • Dark Hats

List of Hats Crate

Coming Soon

Lists of Hats

Coming Soon


Cone Cost Scoops
Basic 0 10
Vanilla 200 25
Chocolate 450 50
Mint 2.50K+ 300
Blueberry 9K 1K
Space 23.00k 2K
Cookie Cookie Obby 4K
Toxic Rebirth? 10K
Lava Rebirth? 15K
Sponge Rebirth? 20K
Crow Rebirth? 40K


Coming Soon

List of Gachapon

Coming Soon

Tier Pets

Coming Soon

Pet Foods

Coming Soon

Egg Pops

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


There is a Secret Egg behind the Ice Cream truck that goes to the secret rebirth board.

  • SP Currency
  • 100k Rebirth zone (buy 100k)
  • SP Tier Egg One
  • Not So Secret Portal in Main Area.
  • The Secret Keys For The Airship
  • The Secret Keys In The Toyland