Build for LOLs! was a contest held between July 27, 2010, and August 2, 2010. The objective was to create a funny place, such as a prank game or a game about internet memes. The contest was sponsored by Keith.[1]


Highest Rated Places



JediNica 2001
bloxboss 1973
dog2345 1968
JARRETT46 1958
lucas1212 1956

Most Accurate Voters


Voting Accuracy

jab1999 99%
oguzbaskan 99%
TheMasterSword 99%
madcombat40 99%
agent0u 99%


Name Image Objective
Mocking Mime Mocking Mime Awarded by getting a rating of 1,450 or higher.
Whoopee Cushion Whoopee Cushion Awarded by getting a rating of 1,650 or higher.
Rubber Chicken Rubber Chicken Awarded by getting a rating of 1,850 or higher.
Classy Clown Classy Clown Awarded by having a voting accuracy of 95% or higher.


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