Builderman's Place Design Contest was an art contest which began on January 20, 2008,[1] and ended on January 28, 2008.[1] The goal of the contest was to draw a place for Builderman. This was the first Roblox event for the year 2008.

Entrance Procedure

In order to enter this contest participants had to draw their idea on a paper and use a scanner in order to transfer it to their computer. The file must then be emailed to with the participant's username attached. The accepted file formats were: jpg, jpeg, bmp, tga, gif, and pmg. There was a limit of 3 images per user. A couple of sentences about the submission was also encouraged so the Judges could understand what they were looking at.

List of Participants

Winners and Rewards

Builderman's Place Design Winners

The following got their idea installed on the Builderman account, got the and won 3,000 Robux:[2]

  • Briguy9876
  • Flamer6777
  • Ganswish
  • JoshJosh117
  • Koopa
  • Rocks25
  • SaladDog
  • Stickmasterluke
  • Twila27
  • Weaselman50

Participants were all rewarded the lightbulb


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