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This article is about a discontinued feature. It has been replaced by Roblox Premium.

Builders Club logo

Builders Club (BC) was a Roblox membership split into 3 tiers that granted users extra privileges that could not be obtained by non-Builders Club (NBC) users, such as a daily Robux bonus, the ability to make shirts and pants, and more. To view the benefits of each tier, please view to "Full list of benefits" section. These benefits enabled greater customization for the user's avatar and their creativity on the platform.

Builders Club was in beta testing on April 12, 2007, and came out to the public on August, 16 of the same year. [1]

Builders Club's other tiers, Turbo Builders Club (TBC), and Outrageous Builders Club (OBC) were added on June 18, 2009, and October 28, 2009. At first, OBC had its own purchase page. That purchase page was later merged with the purchase page for the other tiers.[citation needed]

There were three types of Builders Club memberships that a user could have purchased: Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, and Outrageous Builders Club. Builders Club could also be and was most commonly purchased with Roblox Credit, which is obtainable with Roblox Gift Cards. Builders Club users got a signing bonus upon purchase. This signing bonus was only eligible for users who were purchasing Builders Club for the first time. Along with that, users would get a bonus upon purchasing Robux.

All Builders Club tiers


In early May 2019, Roblox began to remove certain features that were exclusive to Builders Club members. On August 14, 2019, the Roblox Premium program began. On September 23, 2019, Builders Club was replaced entirely by Roblox Premium, which rolled out to all users by October 16, 2019. During the period in-between, users who did not have access to Premium yet could still use BC with its remaining benefits.[2]

Former Builders Club

Former Builders Club was an unofficial membership reserved for users who had previously purchased any type of Builders Club membership. Members who previously purchased Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, or Outrageous Builders Club had the same features as a free user but were still able to keep the Welcome to the Club badge, the hard hat corresponding to the Builders Club membership they had, as well as the extra hats they were given even if they bought OBC, and the ability to stay in any groups they were in above the maximum limit of 5. (But would still be unable to join new groups unless they go back down to only being in 5 groups or buy a new Builders Club membership).

Welcome to The Club badge

The badge

The Welcome to The Club badge is a badge that was obtainable by purchasing any type of Builders Club membership at the time of its availability. It was released on October 14, 2014, along with the Official Model Maker badge. This badge also would've been obtained if a user had Builders Club prior to the badge's release. Users who previously had this badge still get to keep it, as it is a permanent Roblox badge. As of October 16, 2019, this badge has been retired and is no longer obtainable as Builders Club no longer exists.

Membership badges

Users who purchased a Builders Club membership would receive one of the respective badges. The badges could be kept until their owner's membership has expired. To view the badges, please see the "Full list of benefits" section.

Full list of benefits

The following chart is a list of all the benefits each membership tier got.

Benefits NBC
Daily Robux Cross2.0.png 15 35 60
Active Places 1 10 25 100
Joined Groups 5 10 20 100
BC Only Places Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Create Groups Cross2.0.png 10 20 100
Robux Purchase Bonuses Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Builders Club Badge Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Membership Badge Cross2.0.png
BC Badge.png
TBC Badge.png
OBC Badge.png
Membership Hard Hat Cross2.0.png
TBC Hard.png
Membership Gear Cross2.0.png
Sell Stuff Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Create Clothing Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Profile Icon Cross2.0.png BC.Icon.png TBC.Icon.png OBC.Icon.png
Playerlist Icon Cross2.0.png

Icon BC-16.png

Icon TBC-16.png

Icon OBC-16.png

Trading Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Developer Exchange (DevEx) Cross2.0.png Cross2.0.png Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Paid Access 10% 70% 70% 70%
Bonus Membership Hats Cross2.0.png Cross2.0.png Cross2.0.png
Signing Bonus (first-time only) Cross2.0.png 100 100 100
BC Beta Features Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Mega Places Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Personal Servers Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png
Badge Creation Cross2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png Tick2.0.png

Builders Club prices

Builders Club prices on mobile were different from the prices on the website. Unlike the website, Builders Club purchases on the mobile app are not recurring. The mobile app had an option that the website didn't, a 3-month plan, but at the same time, it lacked an annual (yearly) plan. Prices on the mobile app were $0.05 more than the website's prices, likely due to the 30% tax Apple, Google, and Microsoft takes for purchases.[citation needed]

Tier Plan Price (USD) Price (GBP)
Builders Club Monthly $5.95 £5.49
Turbo Builders Club Monthly $11.95 £10.99
Outrageous Builders Club Monthly $19.95 £18.49
Builders Club Annual $57.95 £54.99
Turbo Builders Club Annual $85.95 £82.99
Outrageous Builders Club Annual $129.95 £129.99
Mobile (The mobile GBP prices need to be updated!)
Tier Duration Price (USD) Price (GBP)
Builders Club 1 Month $5.99 -
Turbo Builders Club 1 Month $11.99 -
Outrageous Builders Club 1 Month $19.99 -
Builders Club 3 Months $15.99 -
Turbo Builders Club 3 Months $29.99 -
Outrageous Builders Club 3 Months $49.99 -

Discontinued features (prior to removal)

Discontinued benefits

Over the years, many features were stripped from Builders Club, decreasing the benefits in having it. The following is a lot of (almost) all the changes Roblox has made to it:

Discontinued on other dates

  • On an unknown date, Builders Club beta features were completely removed. (most were removed in 2011)
  • In 2014, the ability to create Mega Places was removed.
  • In 2016, Personal Servers were removed.

Discontinued right before its removal

Discontinued membership plans

Users also used to be able to purchase a 6-month or lifetime (100 year) plan of Builders Club. This feature was removed on August 4, 2015, for an unknown reason.[citation needed] After this change, users who previously bought 6 months of Builders Club kept their benefits until it expires. Users who previously bought a lifetime plan will keep their Builders Club. After Roblox Premium was fully released, all users who had lifetime Builders Club got their memberships replaced with lifetime Premium.[citation needed]

Prices (USD)

Plan Builders Club Turbo Builders Club Outrageous Builders Club
6 Months $29.95 $44.95 $69.95
Lifetime $199.95 $299.95 $349.95


Multiple discussions within the community have occurred that debated the features a premium member has compared to a free member. Some features have sparked criticism within the Roblox community, such as members of the community believing that users who had purchased a Builders Club membership were less likely to be moderated on Roblox, though these reports cannot be theoretically proven. It has also received critique due to the assumption that online daters purchase memberships to show off their "wealth."

The TBC incident

In January 2019, Roblox accidentally changed the profile icons of BC and OBC to TBC. Users of BC and OBC suspected that their membership (either BC or OBC), out of nowhere, was upgraded/downgraded to Turbo Builders Club. This issue has outraged a lot of users who believed that their prior membership was changed to TBC. Despite that the users believed that their membership changed to the TBC, their prior membership was still highlighted, shown in the "Upgrade to Roblox Builders Club" page, and features still functioned to the prior membership. This issue has since been resolved.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • From August to October 2009, the official Roblox Twitter account sent tweets about Roblox staff working on a project with the code name "Outrageous."[3][4] This was likely Outrageous Builders Club
  • Builders Club hard hats were obtainable all the way until Builders Club was completely removed, even after not being displayed on the bonuses page.
  • When Roblox launched its Premium Features API, there were 2 endpoints related to canceling a Builders Club membership & being refunded. If a GET request was sent to this endpoint, it would respond with how much Robux a user would receive. If a POST request was sent, it would cancel and refund the membership.
  • According to the blog post introducing Premium membership, Premium replaced Builders Club because many new Roblox users thought it was required to build things on Roblox.[5]
  • The first Builders Club item that went limited is the Outrageous Builders Club Hard Hat.