Classic BC

The icon, as seen on the purchase page.

BC Badge

The profile badge.

Bc symbol

The old Builders Club icon.

Builders Club (abbreviated to BC) was a Builders Club membership that was released on August 16, 2007. It was the first membership released on Roblox. Users who purchased Builders Club received additional features that normal users could not receive; this included a daily stipend of 15 Robux (465 Robux monthly / 5475 Robux annually), the ability to join or create up to 10 groups, the removal of third-party ads (which no longer exist) and the ability to create and sell shirts and pants. Before they were removed, Builders Club members were also given the ability to create personal servers and MEGA places. First-time Builders Club members received the Welcome To The Club Badge and the Builders Club badge.

Duration Price (USD) Price (GBP) Price (EUR)
Monthly $5.95 £5.49 €6.49
Annually $57.95 £54.99 €64.99
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