Builders Club Only Places (commonly known as BC Only Places) was a feature added on December 30, 2010. It allowed Builders Club members (members of Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, and Outrageous Builders Club) to make their place available only to members with a premium membership. In other words, users that aren't subscribed to Builders Club were unable to access these places.

If a user would search for a BC game (Ex: Sandbox BC) they will see a BC hard hat icon at the corner, which means that the place is BC only.

Popular BC Only places were shown at the top of the Game Page. They are no longer used by June 2015, leading to a very large decline in BC-Only places.

By the end of October 2017, the feature was discontinued, which made all BC Only places available to all players, to "open up the possibility of gaining (and retaining) more users along with earning more revenue", according to NightgaladeId[1].

BC Only Places

These places were added for BC members only, in both online and solo mode. These places would pay the place owner 10 tickets (rather than giving one ticket) for every visit. In the Forums, ReeseMcBlox told users to make another place for Non-Builders Club members.

If the user was not in Builders Club and attempted to join a BC Only Place, a message would pop up, saying,

An example of a BC Only place in 2013.

"You need Builders Club for this! Builders Club membership is required to play in this place."

Generally, good BC Only Places had a near-identical or identical non-BC (or NBC) place.

Removal from the front page

In June 2015, the BC Only Places section on the games page was removed. Shortly after, Shedletsky announced the reason being they made no profit from them. The reason was that the owners of BC places had an NBC copy so people would just play the all members place, thereby maximizing the owner's profit.

Reception (criticism)

The feature was poorly received, because of the way admins spoke about NBC players and the issue, causing mass protests of the feature by non-premium players. Ironically, many (T/O)BC members also protested about the feature, even with a few noteworthy protests by OBC stickmasterluke regarding the issue. The whole issue created hundreds of pages of discussion in the ROBLOX forums. The first night after the release, MrDoomBringer banned some users who were protesting the feature.

Many protests of the new feature called BC only games "Jim Blox" and "Segregation at its finest".


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