Building tools (also known as Btools) are the default tools used to build in a place. Players can get new building tools from an owner or admin of a Personal Server, while the old building tools are currently obtainable from admin commands (usually obtained by using the command !btools or ;btools) or by adding them in a game from Roblox Studio. Building tools also work on ROBLOX Mobile, except for the Move tool. When a player goes into the (now discontinued[1]) Build Mode on any of their places, they would be granted with building tools.

Old building tools

  1. Move - moves bricks.
  2. Copy - copies bricks.
  3. Delete - deletes bricks.

Current building tools

  1. Stamper - shows a list of bricks that can be placed into an in-game session and modified by the other building tools. It is now broken and will not work as intended.
  2. Insert - shows a list of models from the Toolbox which can be placed into an in-game session. It is now broken and will not work as intended.
  3. Delete - works as the old Delete tool.
  4. Clone - works similarly to the old Copy tool.
  5. Rotate - rotates bricks.
  6. Configure Parts - configures properties of special bricks, such as the C4. It does not work on normal bricks.
  7. Wiring Tool - wires bricks, such as light to trigger.
  8. Classic Tool - contains 5 tools: Material, Move, Paint, Resize and Surface.


The most widely used building tools as of now due to its higher capabilities. Everything is stored in one tool as opposed to 3 or 5. It is more advanced than regular building tools.


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