Buried Treasure was an event that started on May 15, 2017. It was sponsored Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It ended on May 28, 2017.


These are the games that were in the event:

Name Image Creator/Group
Roblox Deathrun
Roblox Deathrun
Team Deathrun


Hide and Seek Extreme
Hide and Seek Extreme Thumbnail


The following is a list of items that a player could obtain during the Buried Treasure event.

Name Game Image Objective
Pistola Pack Roblox Deathrun
Pistola Pack
Win a Pirate Cove round in the Top 3, or kill all the runners as the killer.
Captain Jack's Hat Roblox Deathrun
Captain Jack’s Hat
Get all 5 treasure chests in the Pirate Cove map.
Steve the Pirate Parrot Tradelands
Steve the Pirate Parrot
Complete quests from a mysterious captain. Then defeat the Kraken ship and collect the treasure that's on the nearby island.
Wheel of the Black Pearl Tradelands
Wheel of the Black Pearl
Kill someone from an opposing team.
Skeletal Captain Hide and Seek Extreme
Skeletal Captain
Survive the round as a hider or catch everyone as the seeker in the Cursed Cavern Map.
Jerry's Eye-Patch Hide and Seek Extreme
Jerry's Eye-Patch
Find the ring that spawns in the Cursed Cavern.

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
Jack Sparrow's Compass
Jack Sparrow's Compass
Get all of the event prizes within the deadline.

Catalog Items

These are the items you can get in the catalog during the event.

Name Image Price
Ship in a Bottle
Ship in a Bottle
Skeletal Crew
Skeletal Crew
Jack the Monkey
Jack the Monkey



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