CTF stands for Capture the Flag. These games are one of the most basic types of games on ROBLOX, along with tycoons, Obstacle courses and many more. CTF games were released on ROBLOX on June 29th, 2007.

The basic goal of such game is too capture the other teams flag and get it to your team's base, which will score you points, depending on the creator's likings.

A screenshot from Heli-Wars: Desert Attack, the current top favorite game of ROBLOX. It is, in fact, a CTF game.

Classic CTFs such as Miked's Ultimate Paintball, DrewsomeB's Heli-Wars: Desert Attack, ROBLOX's Glass Houses, and scripttester123's War! CTF are some of the most popular CTF games on ROBLOX. Other CTF variations involves tactics and stealth, while others are easy to play. CTF was one of the most basic types of game ever since ROBLOX was created, along with the annals of scripting.

Quick Tutorial: How to make a CTF

  1. Enter your place in Solo mode.
  2. Open the Insert menu.
  3. Go to the "Game Objects" section.
  4. Insert a SpawnLocation for two (or more!) teams of your liking.
  5. Insert a Flag for each team you picked.
  6. Position each Flag equidistant from each other. This is important to keep the game fair.
  7. Insert the Linked Leaderboard script.
  8. Make finishing touches, and save your place, then leave.
  9. When you come back, your place should be fully functional as a CTF game.