BLOXikin #36: Livestreamin’ Lizard is a shoulder accessory that was published into the avatar shop by ROBLOX on August 19, 2015. It could have been obtained by redeeming the promotional codes "ROADTO100KAY!" and "2RAD4YOU". It also could have been obtained as a prize during the Endless Summer Campout event. As of January 28, 2019, it has been redeemed 280,463 times and favorited 4,301 times.


This item is sort-of a retexture of the Kaiju BLOXikin, but this BLOXikin has more polygons for the shoes, spikes, shades, and the purple hoodie. Those are the only differences, otherwise it is a retexture.


In the Endless Summer Campout event game, players had to collect BLOXikin #36: Livestreamin’ Lizard when it appeared in set locations, such as under a certain tree.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Promotional Code August 19, 2015 Unknown

Location Available from Available until
In-game September 4, 2015 September 5, 2015

Location Available from Available until
Promotional Code June 28, 2016 Unknown


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  • It was originally called "Bloxikin #36: Livestreamin' Lizard" until it was renamed to "BLOXikin #36: Livestreamin’ Lizard" on November 21, 2018.
  • It was the last ever Bloxikin ever made. 
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