The Bluster Buster is a Melee gear published by ROBLOX on June 15, 2012. It has been ranked #3 on the Deadliest Swords on ROBLOX.


This sword is one of the only few in the Roblox catalog with a charge feature. This is activated by holding down on the mouse (or touchscreen). Depending on how long the sword is charged for, the wielder's walkspeed will gradually increase up until a certain limit, which enables them to travel at blistering speeds. If the sword is swung, any players hit will receive hefty damage along with a short burning effect, however this also results in the depletion of the charge meter and the user's walkspeed returning to normal.

The Bluster Buster also has a unique ability in that it unleashes a short-lasting shockwave after it is swung. The shockwave's size and damage depends on how long the Buster has been charged for, and it also comes with the additional effect of knocking away any gear that another player is holding out if they are hit by the wave (however, it doesn't actually remove the gear from their inventory meaning they are still able to use it).

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