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Chaotic Top Hat is an Accessory published in the avatar shop by Roblox on November 20, 2020. It was made for the Ready Player Two event. As of January 28, 2021, it has been obtained 424,558 times and has 3,859 favorites.


This item is obtainable in the game Dungeon Quest.

First you have to obtain 7 gems scattered across the map. Make sure to do them in this order:

1st gem: Red

2nd gem: Yellow

3rd gem: Blue

4th gem: Cyan

5th gem: White

6th gem: Purple

7th gem: Green

Originally, you would have out the 6-digit code from the lanterns. For example, if 3 of the lanterns are lit up at the same time, the first digit is 3. If only 1 is lit up, then the digit is 1. They will blink 6 times. Now you can go to the waterfall, and the code will be behind the bar.

Once you have figured out the code, go to the waterfall and enter the code into the keypad. If you have gotten the code correctly, you would be teleported to another place known as the Asset Holder (note that you level will be set to 1 for this, along with a sword and new attacks). You must destroy the barriers and get across the platforms to reach the boss. Once you have defeated the boss, you will be awarded the Chaotic Top Hat.


Release history

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
In-gameDecember 3, 2020Still Available


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  • The hat was originally called "7777777" before being changed on December 1, 2020.
  • On one of the Ready Player Two hub's display images, the hat is displayed on the Aven the Silver Warrior Rthro outfit, alongside Rick's Boom Box, another event item.
  • It is one of the 3 accessories in the event that does not come with its own clothing set.
  • The Seven Gems scattered around the map, are a direct reference to the Chaos Emeralds found in Sonic the Hedgehog