Crescendo, The Soul Stealer is a limited unique gear published in the avatar shop on October 11, 2012. It could have initially been purchased for 50,000 Robux with a stock of 100 copies. It is a part of the Ultimate Swords series. As of June 11, 2018, it has been purchased 72 times and favorited 6,351 times.


Location Available from Available until
Catalog October 11, 2012 Still available


It is comprised of a dark red and black blade with an eye in the centre of the hilt, from which three curved spikes protrude on each side. Compared to the Telamonster, it burns with red ExplorerImageIndex 61Fire rather than orange and differs in special abilities as well.


When lunging, the wielder dashes forward and can deal 25 damage per hit while leaving behind a trail of phantoms that deal 5 damage per second to any living entity that is touching them. This trail disappears after a short time like the Telamonster's flame trail.

Crescendo's title of 'Soul Stealer' refers to its Q special, in which the sword is ignited after activation. If a player is hit with the flaming Crescendo, they will float upwards for a short time and then be KO'ed, similar to the Ghostfire Sword. Upon the KO, the target's remaining health will be transferred to the Crescendo wielder and a Soul will start circling around the user. Souls can be stacked up to 7 to provide passive healing effects, and can also be used for another special.

In terms of ranged ability, pressing E will enable the Crescendo to shoot a red flame in 8 directions that will insta-KO any player that is caught by them as well as transferring their health and a Soul to the user. Finally, X will activate the close-range Soul Blast which requires at least 1 Soul to function, and starts at 77 damage (increases with each Soul).


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