Crowbar is a gear made by ROBLOX in January 29, 2010. The crowbar can break down bricks, remove accessories and gears that are held on by the target, and deal good damage towards players. It is unknown why the gear is an explosive gear, but it is likely that when destroying a certain object, an explosion would be created as a result of it. A similar gear is present called The Break Up.

It is interesting to note that the crowbar can be a reference to the Half-Life video game series; commentaries about the gear can be found regarding with said topic, including the mentioning of Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of the series who may have used the aforementioned weapon, the crowbar, to attack enemies, such as Combine soldiers, alien enemies in the Half Life series, and Headcrabs, small enemy creatures that appear in said series.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog January 29, 2010 Still available
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