Dominus Infernus is a limited unique hat that was published in the catalog by ROBLOX on July 20, 2010. It could be purchased for 26,000 Robux and had a stock of 26 copies. It is the second hat to be released in the Dominus series. As of January 30, 2019, only 18 copies exist and it has been favorited 41,816 times.


A black hood with what appears to be glowing streaks of red lightning searing across the left and right side, while the shoulder rings are an orangish-yellow color. The feathers are tipped with spots of red at the end which are preceded by black lines that separate the red tips from the rest of the feathers.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog July 20, 2010 Still available


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  • The description translates to "Thus passes the glory of the world".
  • This retexture was originally created by the user Hicup789.
  • On August 1, 2018, a user by the name of DoII purchased a copy of this hat for 2,750,000 Robux which significantly raised its Recent Average Price. A fansite dedicated to housing community-based trading values also upped the value of Dominus Infernus by 100,000 Robux as a result of this purchase.
  • The item was considered more valuable than Dominus Frigidus by external trading communities until 2014.
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