Dual Plungers is a Comedy gear item made by ROBLOX on May 4, 2013 which costs 450 Robux.

When the user holds the mouse, the user starts launching multiple plungers rapidly, which deal a local damage of 35 per plunger. As the user continues to throw plungers, the firing rate increases. When the firing rate gets to maximum, the plungers get set on fire for extra damage.

When equipped, the plungers give users extra walkspeed as well, but users will lose their walkspeed when they unequip the gear item.


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An example of the Flipped Avatar Glitch when a character wore the Dual Plungers.

  • There was a glitch where if a user's avatar character wears the Dual Plungers, the character's avatar is flipped. As of 5/7/2013, this is now fixed.
  • This gear item is banned in Catalog Heaven.