Eerie Pumpkin Head is a limited hat that was published to the avatar shop​ on October 5, 2007. It could have been won as a prize in the Spooky Building Contest. It became a limited item on an unknown date. As of December 31, 2018, it has been favorited 15,497 times.


Features a black pumpkin with a carved face. A green light can be seen from the inside to fit the 'eerie' aesthetic.


It has two more affordable variants in the form of Darkseed the Fallen and Blizzaria: The Frozen, which have purple and blue secondary colors respectively. The Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head could technically be considered a variant as well since it was released a year later.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog (collectible) October 5, 2007 Still available (Limited)


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  • This is said to be one of the rarest items in Roblox history. During the Spooky Building Contest, 33 copies were given out. Since then, the vast majority of the accounts that owned one were either terminated or became inactive, reducing the amount of copies to only 17.
  • Some state that it is less likely to find someone wearing this hat in-game (without a custom avatar editor or catalog provided by the game) than to see all the Roblox admins in one server.
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