Fresh Red Baseball Cap is a hat that was published into the avatar shop by hatsoffto2019 on August 1, 2019, to test the-then upcoming user-generated (UGC) accessory upload feature. As of October 15, 2019, it has been purchased 98 times and favorited 3,770 times.


General history

  • It could have been purchased for free for approximately 41 minutes. Only 16 copies were purchased in the time period.
  • On August 15, 2019, it was placed on sale for 500 Robux though it went off-sale again shortly after.
  • On August 26, 2019, it went on-sale again for 5,000 Robux for a short time (likely around 2 minutes), but went off-sale soon after. It likely went back on-sale for 5,000 Robux so thegreatvolare2, a member of the Roblox avatar team, could purchase it.
  • Finally, it went off-sale for a few minutes on the same day, and then briefly went on-sale for 300 Robux during which time it was purchased by one user.

Release history

Location Available from Available until
Catalog August 1, 2019 August 1, 2019

Sale history

Location Available from Available until
Catalog August 15, 2019 August 15, 2019
Location Available from Available until
Catalog August 26, 2019 August 26, 2019


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  • It is a modern version of the Red Baseball Cap, as a homage to how it was the first hat which was uploaded to Roblox.
  • It is the first accessory which was uploaded by a non-admin.
    • However, it is not the first accessory that was not uploaded by ROBLOX.
  • Unlike accessories uploaded in recent years, this one had comments enabled.
    • On August 26, 2019, it was updated to have comments disabled.
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