Ghostwalker is a limited unique gear that was published to the catalog by ROBLOX on [insert date]. It was initially sold for 12,000 Robux with a stock of 100 copies.


It has a passive ability that allows the user to jump higher than usual. Furthermore, Ghostwalker is unique from the other swords found at SFOTH as it is the only sword that has nine "levels." You gain levels by killing other players ingame. Each level makes the wielded more transparent as well as making the sword stronger. The starting level is from level 0, while the max level is 9, each kill leveling Ghostwalker by one. Once maxed, it deals up to 25 slashes and 50 lunges with full invisibility but to hats and the face.


It is recommended that wielders do not try and duel others by using Ghostwalker, as it is not a dueling sword, but rather a stealth sword to sneak up on others. If the wielder repeatedly lunges the sword while in the air (with "light" hats or no hat at all), they can stay in air a little longer, allowing them to float across platforms. However, it doesn't allow the wielder to go higher unless their hats are dropped when Ghostwalker is equipped.

Ghostwalker wielders should be cautious that Darkheart, Illumina, and Windforce can easily counter Ghostwalker regardless of level. Illumina is especially fatal towards Ghostwalker as its detection ability inflicts ExplorerImageIndex 42Sparkles on any nearby player, regardless of invisibility.

It is possible to do a glitch with Illumina by double clicking with the Illumina equipped, then quickly switching to the Ghostwalker as the character is lunging with the Illumina. If done correctly, the player should shoot up in the air, regardless of any hats being worn. The only way to fly up into the air is by holding Ghostwalker in the character's hand. Also, as a side affect, it gives the player loss of some gravity, allowing the user to jump higher than a normal Robloxian could. Using this glitch is the only way to get the John, Loved Of Muses badge under the Illumina platform.


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  • It does 10 in slashing, and 20 in lunging at level 0, and deals 25 slashing and 50 lunging at level 9.
  • At power level 9, it is the strongest sword at SFOTH IV in terms of damage as well as making the user completely invisible (excluding hats).
  • It is ranked #11 in the Deadliest Swords on ROBLOX.
  • (Gear variant only) When you defeat someone with Ghostwalker, a blue fire from Ghostwalker flares to resemble Ghostwalker "soul-stealing."

Ghostwalker with stand

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