The Gigantoform is a gear published to the catalog by ROBLOX on February 18, 2012. It can be purchased for 500 Robux by users with a Builders Club membership.


This gear item will make the user double in size, making the user faster, wield larger gear items, and reach greater heights. This duration lasts for a short time (for a total of 30 seconds). After the potion runs out after use, the user will respawn, even if the user gives it to another player, the player will respawn and the player who owns the gear will respawn as well.


  • If the user has too much gear items, it may have a chance to lag the server or the user.
  • As with the Nickelodeon Blimp, which also enlarges the player for a limited time but not respawn the player, the player can drop and equip a skateboard then stand on it to ride it, equip and use the gear item, then the player would appear gigantic permanently until he/she resets or rejoins the game. However, the player may be teleported below a baseplate if the player performed the bug on a baseplate.