The Golden Fleece was a prize earned in SFOTH: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Edition. Players could have got it by collecting all 4 swords and get 10 KOs while holding the fleece to get the fleece as a gear.

The Golden Fleece allows you to fly in the same manner as the Artemis Bow, the Fallen Artemis Bow, and the R-Orb.

The Golden Fleece is an item that is based on the Golden Fleece of Greek mythology which is of unimaginable value.

Known Bugs/Glitches

The Golden Fleece had a bug in its code that allowed a player to use its flight without holding it. The glitch was caused by equipping the Golden Fleece and another gear at the same time by pressing both keys at once. This was used by many players who had this gear during the timespan in which it was possible; to be an effectively invulnerable target since that can fly and use any gear in tandem with flight.

Attempting this glitch currently will result in your character flopping around harmlessly onto the ground.

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