Gravitational Radiation Hammer v0.01 is a gear made by in August 27, 2010. This gear will make the user float up, and everything around the user in a 15-stud radius. Then the user will push everything unanchored out of its way in a direction. The opponent who was in the radius will sit and be pushed away. The opponent can avoid this by bunny hopping. (jumping over and over again)


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  • This gear item is used by the NPC HelperBot in Welcome to ROBLOX Building. However, it has an entirely different function: instead of pushing away unanchored objects, it is used to delete glitched bricks (thus causing them to explode) such as a broken door. Otherwise, it may also be used for deleting objects that are in the NPC's path, such as part of a tall tower of blocks.
Gravitational Radiation Hammer v0.01
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