The Gravity Coil is a gear that was published in the catalog by ROBLOX on October 8th, 2009. It costs 250 Robux. It also has two counterparts, named the Regeneration Coil and Speed Coil, both of which offer different functions in-game. As of July 1st, 2018, it has been favorited 53,101 times.


Upon being equipped in-game, a significant value of the user's weight (75%) is decreased, which in effect lessens gravity, thus enabling the user to jump at a much higher height. If the player is equipping the Gravity Coil, then it can cancel out most of gravity's effect on their character. This allows the player to jump higher, or to fall down slower.


The Gravity Coil is highly valued mostly in many survival games in which a player needs to reach a higher place to escape disasters such as floods, lava, zombies, acid, etc. It is even found in some survival games (i.e. Survive the Disasters! by TheFurryFox). It is also found in Group rooms or VIP rooms of minigames games. Many players have created modified versions of gravity coils for their own games, which can include a more significant weight cancellation than the regular Gravity Coil.


Features a light blue spring with a steel-type texture.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog October 8, 2009 Still available