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Headless Head is a head that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on October 31, 2013. It is part of the Headless Horseman bundle and is the smallest head on Roblox at 3.43x10-7 cubic studs or 343 cubic millistuds, followed by the unavailable Peabrain. As of June 28, 2021, it has been favorited 440,400 times.


Release history

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
Bundle itemOctober 31, 2013November 3, 2013

Sale history

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
Bundle itemOctober 10, 2014October 30, 2014
Bundle itemOctober 1, 2015November 3, 2015
Bundle itemOctober 1, 2016October 31, 2016
Bundle itemOctober 2, 2017October 31, 2017
Bundle itemOctober 4, 2018November 6, 2018
Bundle itemOctober 13, 2019November 4, 2019
Bundle itemOctober 1, 2020November 4, 2020
Bundle itemOctober 1, 2021November 1, 2021


The mesh used for the Headless Head.

The thumbnail of the head appears empty. However, on avatars, the head is scaled at 0, 0, 0 and placed inside the wearer's torso.



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  • Many users desire this head because it can be used to create unique outfits that would otherwise not stand out with a visible head.
  • This head, as well as Cheeks and Narrow, had an absurd hitbox in some popular experiences such as Natural Disaster Survival. This allowed players to move others with force or even fling them.[citation needed]