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Helm of the Rip Tide is a hat published in the avatar shop by Roblox on November 19, 2020. It was made for the Ready Player Two event. As of December 1, 2020, it has been favorited 1,954 times.


This item is obtainable in the game SharkBite.

The player first has to become the shark in the round. As a shark, the player must destroy four red buoys around the map. Then, the player will need to use their Super Boost ability and dive straight into an area with green cracks on the spawn island underwater. There, the player will then speak with a clownfish named Lennard. He will say that you will require four of his super-powered buoys to remove the trash at the bottom of the sea. In order to obtain them, you must go in front of the "fanart" in the lobby by "SharkbiteFan7" and click on the button labeled: "You're going to need a bigger boat". This will cause the four buoys to spew forth from the fanart. The player then has to use the four buoys during a normal match. As a survivor, they must attach them to the sunken Titanic. After doing this, they must return to Lennard and he will give the player an emerald as a reward. Placing the emerald into the telescope at the top of the lighthouse will cause it to point at either the sun or the moon depending on what time of the day it is in-game.

There, a portal will appear bridging out from the lighthouse. The player has to enter through the portal, which will then teleport them to a boss arena where they will have to fight Lennard. To defeat Lennard, the player has to direct targeted missiles into him.

Upon defeating him, the player will teleported out of the arena, which will reveal a sea that is divided into two, providing a safe passage through it. The player has to walk until they reach the end of the passage, where the Helm of the Rip Tide awaits them. Simply step onto the Helm of the Rip Tide and it will be awarded automatically to the player.


Release history

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
In-gameDecember 2, 2020Still available


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  • The helmet was originally called "77777" before being changed on December 1, 2020.
  • The description is a quote from the movie Jaws.
  • Sometimes, when entering the portal, it will say that you cannot teleport to a restricted place and you cannot try to restart the quest.
  • This item looks very similar like Kleos Themis.