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How to Program BASIC is a hat that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on November 18, 2020. It was made for the Ready Player Two event. As of November 23, 2020, it has been favorited 38,994 times.


This item is obtainable in the game Bee Swarm Simulator.

First, the player has to enter seven codes in the "Promocodes" section in the System menu in order to obtain 7 pronged cogs to craft the VR Goggles. These codes are "Dysentery", "Jumpstart", "Carmensandiego", "Luther", "Millie", "WordFactory" and "Troggles", and can be inputted in any order. Each time they are inputted, a clue associated with it would be given, as well as one pronged cog.

After inputting all 7 codes and obtaining the 7 pronged cogs, the player then has to craft the Strange Goggles at the Shop. You will also need 77 Honey to craft it. After crafting it, the player then has to go to the computer area to meet the Digital Bee.

The Digital Bee then will flash symbols on its screen. These are randomized for each player; the symbols used are "?, &, ~, {, and *". Make sure to note them down. Then, the player has to hit flowers in the Dandelion Field area, and symbols will begin to appear on the flowers. Simply match the symbols with the code you received from Digital Bee. Then, go back to the computer area, and the Digital Bee will teleport to the Sunflower Field, the Clover Field, and the Mushroom Field. There, the Digital Bee will flash three symbols on its screen, before glitching and flashing other random symbols. These symbols are random and the code will appear three times in a row before the bee teleports away to another spot on the map. The player has to match these symbols on the different fields by hitting certain flowers in each field. The player will know whether they inputted the codes correctly when smiley face emojis appear.

Once that was done, the player has to go back to the computer area, and the Digital Bee will give a random combination of letters. The letters used in the random combination are "M, D, C, and S" which represents the different fields respectively - Mushroom, Dandelion, Clover and Sunflower. The player then has to hit certain flowers in each field, and a symbol will appear in each location. After discovering all 4 symbols, the player then has to go to the Blue Flower Field, and simply match the symbols according to the order of letters given by Digital Bee earlier by hitting the flowers there.

After this has been completed, simply return to the computer area and the Digital Bee will create a Star Jelly, additionally giving you the item as well as a badge.


Dysentery: While travelling from east to west, this could demand urgent rest.
Jumpstart: These educational games make learning fun. Hop into them and it's begun!
Carmensandiego: As elusive as Waldo, from Sydney to Bamako.
Luther: These clever fry make excellent sleuthers. One rhymes with Teddy, the other's named __.
Millie: Into a cash register she mooved. Then her jellybean counting improved.
WordFactory: Where would a hare prepare the things at which you currently stare?
Troggles: Wrecking your numeric lunch, these baddies make a nasty bunch.


Release history

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
In-gameNovember 23, 2020Unavailable (works for some players)


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  • The book is a parody of the "For Dummies" franchise of books.
    • The book could also be a continuation of ROBLOX for N00bs, which is also a similar parody
  • The book was originally called "777" before being changed on November 23, 2020.
  • The description references John George Kemeny.