The Illumina (ENG: Lighten) is a limited unique gear that was published into the avatar shop by ROBLOX on October 7, 2009. It was initially sold for 5,000 Robux with 100 copies in stock. As of December 30, 2019, it has been favorited 8,439 times.


Release history

Location Available from Available until
Catalog October 7, 2009 Still available


It does 10 in local damage, 20 for slashing, and 40 for lunging. One of the most notable visual features of Illumina is the fact it sparkles. It also has the ability to jump higher when lunging and jumping at the same time, as well as being able to reveal invisible enemies.


Illumina is a sword found in SFOTH IV, holding the strongest lunge damage behind a level 9 Ghostwalker. Unlike the gear version, it is able to travel a short distance forward with each lunge. If combined with another Illumina, a user is able to fly around the map with consecutive lunges.

It is accepted that Windforce and Firebrand/Venomshank are Illumina's weaknesses, while Illumina itself can easily shut down Darkheart and Ghostwalker users.


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  • It is the first SFOTH IV sword as well as LimitedU gear to be released to the catalog according to the Roblox Blog, seen here.
  • For a while after it was released, the gear version of Illumina did not highlight nearby players with sparkles.
  • It is Shedletsky's favorite sword from SFOTH IV.
  • It is ranked #4 on the Deadliest Swords on ROBLOX.
  • There is a dual variant of this sword called Dual Illumina.
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