Immortal Sword: Skull Slayer is a limited unique back accessory created by ROBLOX on September 1, 2016. Only 100 copies of this accessory are available. The description of the accessory references Yorick.


The grip of the sword is purple, having another shade of purple spiraling around it as a decorative graphic. The cap of the sword is gold, attached to it a ring. Attached to the golden ring is a chain, which is attached to a miniature skull hanging down from it. The guard of the sword is gold, being shaped like bat wings. In the center of the guard is a red eye with a snake-eye pupil. Above the eye is a red gem, with two pieces of gold circling around it to create a ring. The blade of the sword is red, with the edges being grey with a red tint. The right side of the sword blade is rigid. On the red parts of the blade, there is a graphic of multiple unique spirals.


Release history

Location Available from Available until
Catalog September 1, 2016 As LimitedU
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