Man is a package that was published in the catalog by ROBLOX on July 12, 2012. It could have been purchased for 75 Robux, which was decreased to 25 Robux, and has since then been on-sale for free. It is a ROBLOX 3.0 Body. As of August 4, 2018, it has been favorited 27,587 times.

After account creation, all male avatars are given this package, Blue and Black Motorcycle Shirt, Dark Green Jeans, Pal Hair, and Smile.


Name Image
Brown Hair Brown Hair
Man Face Womanface


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog July 12, 2012 Still available

Location Available from Available until
Default inventory June 5, 2014 Still available



Also in the release month, some players criticized the bodies for being similar to KRE-O toys.

Users who first joined who are considered "noob/newb" are fine, but people who are older than 3 months and still use this item are considered a "noob/newb" even though they aren't. Many users also thought that LEGO would sue Roblox due to the arms and legs being similar to a LEGO figure.

This package may have caused some RP/Clan/Military/Company groups to discriminate people using morphs (aka 3.0 and 4.0).

Package glitches

A glitch was discovered on June 6, 2016. The glitch would appear as the right leg would be invisible on the avatar.

The most notable person to have this glitch first is Ninjah13 who noticed the body has changed and thought it was a glitch until he saw other users using it.


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