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The Marginally Less Modest Pile of Hat is a hat that was created in December 24, 2010. The hat is a pile of 3 hats stacked on each other. The hats that are present in the pile are, from bottom to top, Stylish MinerCap'n James McSkulligan, and Comrade. It came out from the Frosty Winter Collector's Gift, which was given to all users that owned 6 of the 8 collectible items. Eventually, the gift was put on sale for 1000 Robux until it was put off sale after some time. It is currently on sale with a RAP of 387. As of September, 10th, 2018 it has been favorited 573 times and purchased 895 times.


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  • The Marginally Less Modest Pile of Hat is a reference to the popular 2007 first person shooter Team Fortress 2, in which a similar hat, called Modest Pile of Hat, is present. Both hats are similar in that they both include the words "Modest Pile of Hat", though the hat in Roblox is a pile of 3 hats and the one from Team Fortress 2 is only a single gray bowler hat with a black band. Because of the reference to Team Fortress 2, some commentaries regarding the game can be found.
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