O NOES is a hat that was published into the catalog by builderman and clockwork, both on June 21, 2007. Both are currently unavailable. They could have been purchased for 50 Robux.[citation needed] As of January 15, 2017, all of the O NOES hats are moved to the ownership of Games.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog June 27, 2007 Unknown



Previously, users who tried to access ROBLOX when it underwent site maintenance would be directed to a page with an image featuring Builderman's OH NOES hat and a note that ROBLOX is being updated.


OH NOES! has become somewhat of an underrated catchphrase in the ROBLOX community, appearing in several memes across the internet.


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  • The hat's mesh and texture can be retrieved from the ROBLOX website.
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