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Russo's Sword of Truth is an Accessory published in the avatar shop by Roblox on November 2, 2020. The item was made for the RB Battles Season 2 event and is one of the three swords that can be obtained in the event. As of November 16, 2020, it has been favorited 1,170 times.


This sword is obtainable in the game Build A Boat For Treasure. To obtain this sword, the player must build a boat and go into the river. Before the first stage is complete, there will be two waterfalls. Head to the one on the left.

There is a secret passage in the center-left of the left waterfall, where the player must enter. To the right of the entrance is a bookcase. The player must click certain books in order. To open the sealed door ahead of the entrance, the player must click the yellow book, the red book, the pink book, the cyan book, and then the lime book. Once the sealed door opens, the player must click the books again but in a different order. The player must click the yellow book, the red book, the pink book, the cyan book, the bright yellow book, the orange book, the green book, the black book, the purple book, and finally the black book again. This will cause another secret passageway to appear in the floor.

Once the player heads down the secret passage, they are met with three sets of buttons. The player must make certain symbols. When the player clicks a button, it turns red. For the first set of buttons, the player must make a red R. The next set of buttons must be clicked at the edges with an arrow pointed down. For the last set of buttons, the player must make a B but having the B white while the background is red. Once all of that is complete, the player must head down the stairs and click on the lever. This will cause a portal to open. The player will then have to enter the portal.

This will send the player to another game, in a closed room, the sword, and a computer saying "You win!". The player has to walk towards the sword, and then go in a boss battle with the computer. They must dodge lasers, bullets, and the computer's fists. After a while, a self destruct button will appear. The player lure the computer to smash it's fist on the button by standing on it and then jumping off of it. This will cause the computer to explode, freeing the sword. They simply just need to make their way to the sword, where they can touch the sword there to obtain the Russo’s Sword of Truth as well as the associated RB Battles badge.


  • Ryguy vs Bigbst4tz2: Behind a wall that's always falling, here's some knowledge that's never calling. Pick this knowledge in the correct order and you'll be on your way be a quarter.
    • This hint was used again in another video, BriannaGamez vs iamSanna. but the hint had different colors, the order was yellow, red, light pink, cyan, peach, orange, dark green, black, and purple.


Release history

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
In-gameNovember 16, 2020December 12, 2020


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  • This item was made for RussoTalks, or more well known as RussoPlays, who is one of the hosts.
  • When all three swords are worn together, they form the letters RBB which stands for Roblox Battles.