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Sabrina's Sword of Healing is an Accessory published in the avatar shop by Roblox on November 2, 2020. The item was made for the RB Battles Season 2 event and is one of the three swords that can be obtained in the event. As of November 21, 2020, it has been favorited 1,558 times.


The sword is obtainable in Piggy. First, you have to play the Alleys map of Book 2 and make sure it is on Traitor mode - it is the only mode that will work. When the round begins, immediately go to the Code Room; this is in the building at the end of alley at the first left turn from when you spawn. Enter the code "722" into the provided keypad. (Note that you only have one chance at entering the code correctly, if you make a blunder with one number you will have to restart the entire game.)

Next, have the person you wish to obtain the sword go to the Diner and wait behind the chair at the corner of the Diner. Wait until the timer at the top reaches 7:42. When the time is right, a violet button should appear on the chair at some point during the next minute - press on it. Next, the person who wishes to have the sword has to go to the second button in the wall outside the laundry room to look for the next button. If the button there is blue, you can't press it, so, go to the Code Room building and press the button, that in this case should be pink. If the button is pink however, press it and go to the Code Room building to look for the next button. It is hidden behind a pillar in the building. Upon finding the button, press it. Then everyone can die or complete the rest of the map.

After that, you need to go to the Store map of Book 2 and make sure its on infection mode - it is the only mode that will work. Then the player who pressed the buttons must take a potion that is in the grass/green key room and put it on one of the shelves. Then a teddy bear that is in the parking lot, behind a pillar next to a green(?) car, and put it on another shelf (location undisclosed). Finally, the players need to take the controller below a chair on Gorilla Airways, and put it on another shelf. Jump around the shelves, and the items that you have (Purple teddy bear, gameboy controller, and potion) will automatically jump into place.

Finally, you need to use the green, purple, and cyan keys (reminiscent of the 3 RB Battles hosts) on the cracked wall by the ladders. It should open a secret zone with the sword on it. Step on it to get the sword and the badge.

Note that only one person can get the sword per rotation - meaning that other players will not get the sword despite having completed the above steps too. Fortunately, this has been changed, meaning that everyone can get the sword even if one person presses the buttons.


  • Jailbreak: When the violet goes by you need to act quick, but only in the midst of a backstabber's picnic.
  • Sabrina's Twitter: Before it begins, Something shall pass, Which matches the likes of the only host with class.


Release history

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
In-gameNovember 16, 2020April 23, 2021


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  • This item was made for SabrinaBrite, a YouTuber who owns the TeraBriteGames channel, and was one of the three YouTubers hosting the event.
  • It was originally thought to be in Jailbreak, but it was revealed that although the ??? badge there is obtainable, it would tell that there are no swords in the game.
  • When all three swords are worn together, they form the letters RBB which stands for Roblox Battles.
  • 722 stands for RBB in phone talk.
  • Unlike DJ’s Sword of Agility and Russo’s Sword of Truth, Sabrina’s Sword of Healing was obtainable until April 23, 2021, instead of December 12, 2020.