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Sir Rich McMoneyston, III Disguise is a hat published into the avatar shop by ROBLOX on August 8, 2009. It can usually be purchased for 11,111 Robux. It was discounted to 8,888 Robux during the Memorial Day 2019 sale. As of June 25, 2019, it has been purchased 1,487 times and favorited 9,646 times.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog August 8, 2009 Still available


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  • This used to be the most expensive non-limited item that was on sale before the Violet Valkyrie was released.
  • This item was temporarily off sale for a few minutes during the Memorial Day 2019 sale because of an unknown reason, most likely a catalog error.
  • Roblox ran an advertisement for this item, which features Sir Rich McMoneyston, III himself standing in front of a pile of cash and holding a glass of wine. Aside him are two noobs, shocked by the girth of his cash pile.[1]


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