The Skull Cracker is a gear made for advertising the Cartoon Network TV show, Level Up. The gear deals a great amount of damage on players and only takes two successful hits at most to kill a player, and, occasionally, said hit can become a critical hit, which kills with only one successful hit. It also removes whatever gear the opponent has and the opponent gets stunned for a few seconds. It could have been rented for one-week for 1 Ticket until it went off sale.

It has been off sale since May 12th, 2012.


The Skull Cracker was often criticized by many for its overpowered strength, since it can kill a player in 1-2 hit and some criticism for costing only 1 tickets, therefore it was very easy for a Non Builders Club user to buy it and use it on places that allows melee weapons, which gathered great popularity for this gear. However, it only had a 2-week rental for whose who didn't buy the gear early enough.


  • If the player bought it early as this gear came out for 1 ticket, the player could keep it forever. Otherwise, it would have a 2-week rental and you wouldn't have had it past May 26th, 2012.
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