Smile is a face that was published into the avatar shop by ROBLOX on January 27, 2014. It originally could have been purchased for 10 Robux before it was changed to be obtained for free on an unknown date. Since late 2014, players who create a new account automatically obtain the face without purchase. As of September 15, 2019, it has been purchased 683,932 times and favorited 197,851 times.


Features a higher quality and a more refined mouth than the default face.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog January 27, 2014 Still available


Normal Face

The default face.

Some users like that the mouth is not shaped like a V, like the default face was.

From April 23 to May 7, 2015, this face replaced the old default face. There was a lot of criticism towards the idea. Eventually, after all of the negative feedback, ROBLOX replaced the default face with a new, lower resolution default face, which looked more similar to the oldest version. This, despite not having the V shape the old default face has, had the criticism die down.

Many users were also angry at Roblox changing the price to Free from the original 10 Robux and demanded a refund.


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