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Stationary Egg of Boring is a limited hat that was published in the catalog by ROBLOX on March 18, 2008. It could have been obtained during the 2008 Easter Egg Hunt by simply touching the egg. As of February 27, 2019, it has been favorited 2,379 times.


Release history

Location Available from Available until
In-game March 18, 2008 Unknown


The egg's mesh is very simple; an oblong blue egg shape, with darker blue/cyan speckles on and around the egg.


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  • This was the easiest egg to obtain in 2008.
  • A much harder to obtain a duplicate of this egg exists, known as Impossible Egg of Genius.
  • The Egg's Texture is called "BlueRobin ". This, and the Texture itself is a direct reference to the Whoppers' Brand "Robin Egg" Malted Milk Ball Candies.
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