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Super Super Happy Face is a limited unique face that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on September 4, 2016. It could have been purchased for 100 Robux for 24 hours with a stock of 50,000. The item sold out 31,774 before going limited. As of February 21, 2022, it has been favorited 1,882,002 times.


Release history

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
Avatar Shop (limited)September 4, 2016Still available


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  • This face is commonly used in artwork for many games and groups, often on avatars wearing other popular items such as the Valkyrie Helm and Workclock Shades. For example, it was featured in the thumbnail for Azure Mines when the game released its Daily Gift update.
  • It is the most favorited limited item with over 2 million favorites as of June 8, 2022[1]
  • Chamintly formerly owned 243 copies of this face.
  • In the span of a year, more or less, this has become the most known limited face, due to the upsurge in 2020 users rapidly inflating the price and popularity of this face.