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Teapot Turret is a hat that was originally published into the catalog by clockwork on July 10, 2007. On August 2, 2016 the ownership of this hat was moved to the ROBLOX account. It is a very exclusive item that is only awarded to certain administrators and select users. As of November 11, 2019, it has been favorited 15,698 times.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Select Users July 10, 2007 July 10, 2014

Appearance and function

The Teapot Turret cannot be seen on your head in-game. It grows to incredible size and floats around the stage. It comes with a teapot launcher, a gravity hammer, a string of balefire, a column generator and a few other tools. Some of the tools are currently broken due to new scripting updates and lack of maintenance on the turret's part. This is one of the few hats that gives the user tools upon being worn[citation needed], although only those who are authorized in the scripts can use its tools.

The tools that are given when you wear the hat are: Fire Shield, Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu, Spinfire, and Gravity Hammer. It should be noted that the player using the turret isn't affected by the explosions. Not only that, the explosions can kill players, even when they are protected from Forcefields.
Fire Shield Shorter

"Fire Shield" tool in action.

  • Fire Shield : Creates a shield of explosions around you. Players will only get killed from the explosions, so trying to be near to someone won't kill them.
  • Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu (translates to Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu):
    Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu

    "Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu" tool in action.

    Creates an explosion line that plays "Katon! Goukakyou No Jutsu!". This clip is from the Naruto anime and spoken by the character Sasuke Uchiha.​​​​​​

"Spinfire" tool in action.

  • Spinfire: Makes a single explosion over the player's head with the Rocket whoosh 01.wav sound. Kills players in close proximity.
  • Gravity Hammer: This spawns separately with the teapot turret. It can launch players far away, possibly killing them. Trying to obtain the hammer without the turret will kill the player.

Obtaining In-Game

In games with certain admin commands, you can use the ":hat" command along with the Teapot Turret's ID to obtain the hat.


Currently, the Teapot Turret has only been obtained by Clockwork, Matt Dusek, FFJosh, Shedletsky, effward, PolyHex, Tone, and FoxCrab.
There is also a deleted owner named XSCENEX who is wearing the turret BUT however he had exploited it on a T-Shirt which got him a poison ban.

Newest Owners

Currently, there are only two non-admin owners of the Teapot Turret. The first user, Polyhex, won the teapot turret in a RBXDev contest[citation needed]. FoxCrab has also obtained the turret through unknown means. As a lesser known user of ROBLOX, FoxCrab gained some popularity from wearing and owning the Teapot Turret. 


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  • A texture was made for the Teapot Turret.
  • There is an identical copy of the hat made by Games. Trying to use it yields no results.
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