The Locksmith's Secret is a LimitedU hat that was published onto the catalog by ROBLOX on May 27, 2018. It was purchasable for 100 Robux with 25,000 in stock. As of May 26th, 2019, it has 6,911 Favorites.


Features a bronze/copper top hat that has a keyhole in the front. The hat mostly has generic steampunk components around it. Underneath the top hat is a small golden key visible.


Release History

Location Available from Available until Availability
Catalog (collectible) May 27, 2018 Still available Limited quantity


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  • Looking under the top hat in 3D view reveals a key inside of it:
Key Locksmith

Under the top hat, you can see there is a golden/copper key. This might be put here for purpose of the keyhole on the front of the top hat.

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