Torque the Blue Orc is a limited unique face that was published into the avatar shop by ROBLOX on February 17, 2019, specifically for the Presidents' Day 2019. It was purchasable for 1,000 Robux and had a stock of 1,000 copies with a timed release of a day and three consecutive hours. It is one of three colored Orc faces, the other two being Torque the Red Orc and Torque the Green Orc. As of July 20, 2020, it has purchased 5,594 times and favorited 2,563 times.


It is a face with two broad blue colored eyes and menacing thick eyebrows. It has a nose and under it featuring a pair of pointy teeth protruding from the on mouth on the sides. To finish the look, blue paint is marked behind the eyes.


Release History

Location Available from Available until
Catalog February 17, 2019 February 18, 2019


The first 1,000 users to purchase this item were charged 1,000 Robux. But right after the item was sold out, users who attempted to purchase it were given an error message stating that they weren't charged for the purchase, and the item appeared in their inventory afterwards. All users who had more than 1,000 Robux in their account could receive the item for free while it was glitched. This issue could be subject to the fast influx of purchases causing the stock to break. The stock seemed to remain infinite (meaning it could be purchased indefinitely) and was not able to sell out. Even after the timer had ended, the item was not properly fixed. Approximately 2,527 non-serialized copies exist, bringing the total to 3,527 copies.


Because of this unexpected glitch, the users who purchased it legitimately for 1,000 Robux were outraged and demanded Roblox to issue a refund since they weren't able to profit off of it. They criticized the staff for apparently "scamming" and "stealing" their Robux. A majority of these consumers pledged that they wanted the users who got it for free be harshly banned, or have the item taken away from them. But in reality, these users did not do anything wrong to violate the rules. They also condemned the glitch for ruining the true 'value' of the face. The next day, Roblox took the item offsale and the face was not possible to trade or sell. The item did get fixed afterwards, but it is likely that no users received refunds.


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