Unstable Egg is a hat published in the avatar shop on March 18, 2015. As of April 8, 2017, it has been favorited 138 times.


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  • There was an alternate glitched method to get this item, and what had to be done was having to purchase the Bunny Ears 2017 at the time, which was exclusive to devices that supported the Google Play app. After equipping the item and teleporting to Mount Ignis and going to the inside of the volcano, then reaching the egg at the bottom, it was possible to get this egg by resetting, walking back to the area, and climbing up the side of the volcano. Users who performed this glitch had to be fast, as there was little time available to do so.
  • This is the eighth Egg to have a face (particularly just eyes and mouth). The First one is Ethereal Ghost Egg, the second is Builderman Egg, The third one is Eggressor , the fourth one is Billy the Egg, The fifth is Phantom of the Egg, The sixth is Egg Farmer , and The Seventh is Mean Eggstructor.
  • This egg shares a similar face as the original varient of The Mad Egg. Unfortunately, the face of The Mad Egg was never used and was only seen on one of the thumbnails on the Mad Murderer, during the Egg Hunt 2015.
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